Cut the Crap and Create Jobs

gay jobsI have recently written a series of columns about jobs with titles such as an angry dissent, and today’s disastrous numbers are a political game changer. All incumbents of both parties are threatened if jobs are not created in large numbers by Election Day 2012.

This is one of the great outrages in political history. Neither party is now proposing a major jobs program. While the Republican Party at the national and state level is doing everything it can to destroy jobs, the Democratic Party is failing to fight for jobs with the intensity that Democrats have historically done. Meanwhile, the Democratic president does photo-ops, Twitter events and mini-jobs programs of the magnitude of school uniform trivia.

It is an outrage, a crime, a sin against decency and a defamation against everything I personally believe that nobody, I repeat nobody, in the high councils of politics gives a damn about those who have been jobless for 99 weeks. This violates my faith as a Christian, where we are supposed to help those in need. It violates my values as a Democrat, where we are supposed to fight for jobs. It violates the most common-sense economics, which proves that help for 99ers provides more stimulus than tax cuts for the wealthy, but since the 99ers would have to spend the money from assistance, to live.

The president’s political brain David Plouffe now suggests that voters will not vote based on the jobless rate. This is ridiculous, absurd, delusional and symptomatic of a president far out of touch with the realities of working-class Americans who is clueless in confronting Republicans who believe in firing police, firefighters, teachers and librarians.

The jobless rate is a scandal.

The plight of the 99ers is a moral outrage.

The disastrous jobless numbers today will add to the political earthquake of a nation that demands jobs and is outraged by Washington power brokers who show no signs of caring, understanding or acting.

Shame on the president. Shame on the Republicans. Shame on the Democrats. Shame on the media. Shame on them all.

It is time to cut the crap, create the jobs and fight like hell for what Americans want: jobs.

Brent BudowskyI continue my angry dissent today.

The horrendous and disastrous jobs numbers announced this morning are a thunderbolt reminder of the jobless plague that grips our nation.

If the jobs are not created soon there will be more incumbents, from both parties, who will join the jobless after the next change election in 2012.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill 


  1. says

    Diane is correct.

    A first and necessary step is to get Obama unemployed or anyhow otherwise employed.

    Yes, Obama’s campaign and election were wonderful promises and symbols of possibility.

    But it’s long past time to judge by persistent non-performance, not past promise. Depending on what kind of hints most take your fancy, Obama’s party label or language or color or physique may still continue to give you hints and vibes of better things, but he’s not actually making them happen.

  2. Sharon Toji says

    I wanted to march on Washington. That idea (Brent’s idea was for a Labor Day march) appeared to go nowhere. I do notice that some people are planning an action in February or March — but every day later is a day too late. As with most faithful voters of the progressive persuasion, I see three major reasons to reelect President Obama, and they are — to repeat a cliche manner of speaking — Supreme Court, Supreme Court, and Supreme Court. There he has done quite well, if the votes of our two newest women members are indicative. So I can’t very well threaten him by saying I will stay home and not vote, although any of my normal organizational work for him will be done with my teeth clenched into a fake smile.

    I have discovered an entire school of economists (the KC Economists), who are saying the deficit does not really matter at all — and that a robust stimulus program would actually prime the pump enough to both push us out of the depression (yes — for many that’s what it is), but would reduce the deficit at the same time, since taxes would flow into the US Treasury. They are trying to get Paul Krugman to take the fairly small leap over to their side, but of course, the President’s men don’t listen to him, anyway. Evidently, the President does have the power right now to order the Treasury to issue a platinum coin that would pay off the entire deficit in one swoop, and if he also began a real stimulus program, unlike the both weak and almost non-existent one he got talked into before, we would see an almost immediate rebound.

    As a small business person struggling to retain the half of my workers that I did not have to let go, I was able to hire 5 or 6 people right now, and have the government pay them, say $15.00 an hour, I would certainly donate my time to train them and give them an opportunity to gain valuable skills. I can’t imagine that many small businesspeople would not have room for a worker here and there, and schools and libraries and parks would certainly be able to take them on. Every summer school classroom could certainly make use of an aid. Every little town park could probably use a crew to paint the restrooms. As a matter of fact, schools and public buildings of all kinds probably need a fix-it, clean-it crew that they can’t afford.

    Are those “good” jobs? To an unemployed person, almost any job where they could make slightly more than unemployment and where they were not abused or exploited would probably be a “good” job. And these people would spend money in their own neighborhoods, which would keep more people employed in those neighborhoods. Why can’t people get the economics of this?

    Oh well, on and on — but Brent, I appreciate your rants, but somehow there must be a way to light a fire and make it burn so brightly that Washington (read Obama and the Democrats) will actually notice. They will say “the Republicans won’t let me,” but if they were leading the march, instead of shutting their eyes to it, eventually Congress might have enough fear for their own jobs to take some meaningful action.

    Sharon Toji

    • Dianne says

      The economists have been saying for quite some time that we need to spend more money in order to stimulate the economy. Paul Krugman has spoken time and again on news programs saying that more stimulus money needs to be spent and that we shouldn’t worry about the deficit until we get the economy going again. So I don’t think he needs persuading on this issue. He has, in fact, led the charge.

      All of the jobs you mention are public sector jobs – teachers,, library and parks workers, maintenance workers on public buildings. roads, highways, and bridges.. And what you say is true. It’s ironic and maddening that Republicans, with a little help from the Democrats and the Prez, continue to cut the budget – government spending – which is, of course, cutting jobs. So when the last jobs report came out, I wasn’t surprised to see such an anemic jobs report. If they cut thousands of federal, state, county and city jobs, then the private sector has to hire that many and more in order for the country to realize a net gain in employment. The private sector – those rich folks called jobs creators- are in fact creating jobs – overseas! It’s time for them to pay their fair share of taxes because they are not creating jobs. Just look at their current tax rate. If jobs were to be created, they would have done it in the last 10 years.

      What we need to do to get jobs numbers back up is to re-hire all of those public sector jobs that were let go – at the federal government’s expense. Let the federal government give money to the states, cities, and counties to rehire laid off workers. So what if it makes the deficit greater? It would be a fast way of getting people back to work. And besides, we could use the additional teachers, librarians, maintenance workers, emergency responders, nurses, police, etc. that would get their old jobs back. And they could then keep their houses, have health care, they would spend money and feed into the private sector economy. And we the citizens would benefit from the work they do. We would live in a safer environment and our kids would get the education that they need and that the country needs for them to have. The tax base would go up. What we need is elected officials who will fight harder to put people back to work and not be afraid to say that we need to spend more money. They have bought into the Republican narrative that the problem is the deficit. It isn’t . The problem is unemployment.

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