Thank You Daddy

Marty and Glenda Williams

This Father’s Day I would like to publicly thank my father for being there for my mother.

This picture of my parents was taken in August 2004. They were dancing at my daughter’s wedding. They look like a happy couple but at the time, my father was living in Maryland and my mother, California. They hadn’t been married since the 1970’s.

They started dating as teenagers close to 60 yrs ago. They were married for 17 yrs — then divorced but they always stayed in touch.

When this photo was taken we didn’t know that my mom would eventually be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s been about two years since we’ve known. Although I suspect she may have known something was wrong maybe as far back as 2004.

Now, my father lives in California. Today I will visit him and take him to dinner. But this time, I’ll be taking both my parents. The thing is, my parents have reunited after 35 yrs. My father is helping to care for my mother who has forgotten that they haven’t been married since the 70’s.

sharon kyleThis Father’s Day I’d like to thank my father for giving me what no one else could have — a little more time with my mom.

Thank You Daddy and Happy Father’s Day

Sharon Kyle


  1. Itzamirakul says

    What a wonderful story! I am so happy for YOU even more than for your mom and dad, for no one’s joy could be greater than yours !

    My father died in 1943, three days after my 6th birthday. He accidently fell into 70 thousand gallons of acid at the Sherwin Williams Paint Company in Plainfield, NJ. Although I was later blessed to have a wonderful, caring stepdad, my heart still yearns for “my daddy.” 68 years is a long time to be missed.

  2. Nate says

    Thanx for sharing , Sharon .

    It is nice to read about happy families , I’m close to my 31 YO son and hope it remains this way forever .

  3. Jacqueline Thomas says

    Sharon, what a beautiful message. It brought tears to my eyes. I also spent time with my two favorite men my dad and my husband on fathers day and I wished my mom were still here. Congratulations to you and your parents for their reunion.

  4. Topper Smith says

    Dear Sharon and Dick. Thanks so much for your very important publication, which Jennie and I read, with great interest, each week. As former residents of Pasadena, we remember your mother very well, as a most beautiful and talent lady. Her ‘”miniatures” of events in Black history, are outstanding, and belong in an important part of a museum. We are moved that your father has returned, and is caring for her, after an absence of so many years. In this present world, where so many people, in this country, spend ALL their time, in “getting the best” against one another, your story reminds us that there are still people of good will, characterl and actions! Continued success in all you do!

    Palm Springs, California

    • says

      Thank you for the kind words. Dick and I had dinner with my parents after I posted this article. They look fabulous!! My mom had her hair done in a new style and my dad had a fresh hair cut. When I asked who cut his hair he told me that he had done it with my mother’s help. For now, they are doing well. And I remind myself as I watch my parents in this phase of their lives that “for now” applies to all of us. Thank you for reading. We miss seeing you at church.

  5. Patricia Abdullah says

    Thank you, Sharon, for this lovely post. My mother passed after 15 years of increasing dementia, following several strokes, which was eventually diagnosed as Alzheimer’s. My dad, who is still alive, cared for her every day until she passed. I thank God for men like your dad and mine who are brave, selfless, and giving. Thank you for this beautiful Father’s Day reminder of what fathers are and can be.

      • Rose says

        Thank you Sharon, for such a beautiful story. It is very heartwarming.Sometimes we need to remember there are people left that are loving,and caring….

  6. says

    Good Morning Sharon,

    We would like to thank you for sharing your testimonial on a loving father, grandfather and great grandfather. Happy Father’s Day to him.

    Give your parents a hug from us. Much love to you and Dick always . . .

    Minerva and Todd, Your Santa Clarita Valley Communication Fans

  7. Elaine says

    Your Mother is just beautiful and you look a lot like her. You are fortunate for your Dad and Mother. I want you to know this is a wonderful day for thanking your father and it is wonderful that you are sharing it with your readers. I might disagree with you politically but when it comes to our parents I am right there with you.

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