Daniel Hatton McBride 11/20/1945 – 7/23/2009

Rock-Geezer-Redux_2After spending the afternoon in the studio rehearsing his new band, doing what he loved best — playing music with his friends — Danny McBride enjoyed a quiet evening with his wife Susan, and then passed away during his sleep in the early morning hours of July 23rd.

Danny was first and foremost a great musician. He was a songwriter and entertainer and formed his first band when he was thirteen. He was never far from his guitar or the bands he created and played with over the years, cherishing each friendship he made along the way. He never lost touch with anyone who had been a good friend.

Danny was born in Somerville, Massachusetts, grew up in Reading, Massachusetts, and graduated from Boston University. His Boston-based bands in the 60s and 70s included The Rockin’ Ramrods and The Rainface Band. He went on to play guitar and sing with over 75 name artists over the next 40 years. His was the lead guitarist for ShaNaNa for a few years, was seen on their TV show and in the movie GREASE. Danny, a member of SAG and AFTRA, appeared on TV and in several films as an actor.

Danny's-HeadshotWhile working on his various musical projects Danny was also a radio personality in Boston, North Carolina, and California. He was also a writer, an astute observer of both the political world and oddities of daily life, which he wrote about with great insight, depth, warmth and humor in a series of essays over the years.  He contributed to online newsletters where his columns can still be found, most recently with the L A Progressive.

Danny is preceded in death by his son Derek and his daughter Bonnie.  Danny is survived by his wife, Susan, his daughter, Holly, his parents, Fran and Dan, his sister, Linda Willis, his nephew, Alec Willis, his brother-in-law, Jeffrey Willis, his mother-in-law, Marguerite Harding, his step-daughter Kat Martell, her husband Garett and their 3-year old, Danny’s grandson Colin Martell.


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