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What do Senators Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Pat Leahy (D-Vt.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Ron Paul (R-Ky.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) have in common?

defense budget vote

They aren’t all Democrats. Only four are. Three are Republicans and one, Bernie Sanders, is Independent. They aren’t all men. New York's Kristen Gillibrand sneaked in there and saved the day for women.

Give up?

Well, these eight are the only Senators who voted against the astronomical $700 billion defense budget….the largest in history on September 18th. The largest defense fund in American history. Larger in fact than the one requested by the most irresponsible president in history, Donald Trump

Eight out of 100 of our US Senators are the only ones who voted against the largest arms budget the world has ever seen and to the everlasting shame of the media it was done so quietly that the world heard little if anything about it.

That’s right. Eight out of 100 of our US Senators are the only ones who voted against the largest arms budget the world has ever seen and to the everlasting shame of the media it was done so quietly that the world heard little if anything about it. We already have enough arms to destroy the world 10 times.

Nevertheless, on Monday, September 18th—a day that will lucky even to live in infamy—89 of America’s 100 top US Senators went into their exalted hall and voted to plunge us into endless war.

That’s what it amounts to. You don't solidify arms as the number one product in the most powerful nation in the world without making it necessary to use them.

(Where, by the way, were the Senators who did not vote. Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, Robert Menendez? Maybe the $700 billion wasn't big enough for them. Knowing their politics I wouldn't be surprised.)

The most creepy thing is, not a word hit most of the papers after this sneaky event. But we did hear endlessly about the new Cassidy-Graham Bill, the Republican’s most lethal anti-healthcare bill to date, which they are trying once again to shove through the Congress and down the throats of the 315 million of us who call ourselves American citizens.

Lofty Democrats are up in arms about that. It’s apparently okay for your health to vote for permanent war but saving Obama-care is considered more important. Senator Kamala Harris of California calls the new the Cassidy-Graham plan a “Moral Atrocity”. Yet she voted for the war budget with impunity. How does that compute? And she was joined in her righteous indignation about the right wing anti-healthcare plan by 42 of her Democratic colleagues.

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Where were those colleagues like Sherrod Brown, Al Franken, Ed Markey, Stabenow, Schumer, Udall, even Elizabeth Warren in that vote against permanent war? All so called trusted “liberals” determined to save Obama’s seriously flawed “affordable” healthcare plan, but gung-ho when it came to voting for the greatest danger to our health, the number one world killer, WAR.

The arms industry must be ecstatic. Since they have neither friends nor enemies….only customers ..this vote is the consummate coup.

And Donald Trump—obviously giddy about getting more than his requested dollar amount for arms—has wasted no time announcing what he’s going to do with it. On Friday, September 22nd, just four days after that $700 billion gift to the military was voted in by the Senate, the New York Times announced Trump’s new foreign policy:

He is going to “dismantle Obama’s limits on drone strikes and commando raids outside conventional battlefields, according to officials familiar with internal deliberations” the Times tells us. And here’s the most terrifying part of all. “ The changes would lay the groundwork for possible counterterrorism missions in countries where Islamic militants are active but the United States has not previously tried to kill or capture them.”

In other words, with that new bloated hunk of military money Trump and company can wipe out any country, or any section of any country he damn well pleases.

So world get ready.! All together now, lets sing:

“We’ll be over we’re coming over and we wont be back till its over over there.”

That was the song we sang as we proudly marched to save the world in WWII. Well, we see now that it was never really over, over there, because we’re on the verge of WWIII. How did that happen? With war it’s never over. It just gets bigger, more lethal, more pointless. But never really over.

And now that the two demented teenagers, Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un, have possession of the nuclear arsenal we stupid grownups have given them to play with, can it be that we are really stuck in their game?

I found out about that quiet devastating vote for permanent war on September 18, 2017. I had no access to secret files. My newspapers were as negligent about mentioning it as yours were. I got a call from one of the great champions of peace and sanity of our time, Dennis Kucinich.

[/dc]H[/dc]e warned us, and now the question is: Are we ready to take the giant step forwarded needed to impeach Trump and his agenda before that door is shut to us? We had better be because we, the grassroots….playing the world’s David to the world’s unevolved Goliath…..are all we have.

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Lila Garrett
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