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On Tuesday the Senate Intelligence Committee begins its hearing on torture enabler and drone queen Avril Haines for Director of National Intelligence. 

In anticipation, CODEPINK CONGRESS tweeted a spoof of the hearing in which Haines, former Deputy Director of the CIA, dodges questions about her authorization of drone strikes that killed innocent people and shrugs off her cover up of CIA torture in the heavily redacted torture report:

Joining CODEPINK in sounding the alarm on Haines is Demand Progress.

In Common Dreams, David Segal of Demand Progress lists a number of questions for committee members:

  • Do you still hold that there were not grounds to discipline the people who spied on Senate staffers' investigation into torture conducted by the CIA?
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  • Do you believe there are ever circumstances where the CIA or other intelligence officials may lawfully hack or order others to hack into Senate computers? Please specifically enumerate under what circumstances this would be lawful.
  • One of the torture report investigators, Daniel Jones, described your position on releasing the torture report as "quite the opposite" of then-Vice President Biden's, who was instead "the most prominent member of the Obama administration advocating for the declassification and release" of the report. Is it accurate that you were arguing for less public access to the report than President Biden?

Haines' resume is a scary read: co-author of the drone warfare policy guidelines that sanction the assassination—no charges, no trial—of people, US citizens, too, on the other side of the globe, consultant to Palantir, the data mining company that facilitated Trump's mass deportation of immigrants, and redacter of the Senate torture report.

Marcy Winograd

Haines has a rep for being "nice" but there's nothing nice about covering up CIA waterboarding, stress positions, sleep deprivation and rectal hydration. Torture.

Tell your US Senators to vote NO on Haines.202-224-3121

Marcy Winograd