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  1. Luis L. says

    Having done time in local county jails I can say that I didn’t mind working. It was a way to pass time that would otherwise be spent just getting angry and maybe getting in more trouble. That said, the work did not give me any good time or time-off my sentence. I had a couple of different jobs. One was as a kitchen worker washing pots and pans. The second time I learned my lesson and I let the officers know that I could type. I got a cushy job in one of the offices. This was in a publicly funded jail bigger than most prisons. It would have been nice to get paid or at least some consideration of a reduced term but I also know that just sitting around doing nothing was not that appealing. When I served there were still libraries in county jails and religious services and some education courses. I don’t think those things exist today but I can’t be sure. Granted I was in a jail for convicted offenders and not an immigration detention centre and our work was not contracted out to a private enterprise.

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