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Ten Things That Help Online Magazines to Stay Alive

#1 “Like” us on Facebook

For those of you who do not understand why so many sites ask you to hit the “Like” button on Facebook, here’s one reason — Facebook has millions of members. When you “like” us, you provide us with a less intrusive way to offer you our articles. So if you are a Facebook user, you’d be helping to fight the power of corporate controlled media by clicking “Like” or sharing articles you’ve read here using other social media. You can click “Like” the LA Progressive by clicking the like button just below this paragraph – on this page.

We understand times are hard. That’s why we felt it was important to emphasize that supporting online media doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend money — although that would be nice too — but it’s not the only way to help your favorite online site to stay afloat. There are several ways you can support this media and other media of its type without spending a dime – or – you could actually just spend a dime. Which brings us to #2



#2 Join Kachingle

“What’s Kachingle?”, you ask. Kachingle is a system that provides an easy way to make small payments online. If you want to send a nickle or a dime as a token of appreciation — Kachingle is one way to make that happen. It’s similar to dropping a coin in the old fashioned newspaper bin.  Here is a short video that explains how it works. But if you don’t have time to watch this 1 minute 37 second video, you can join by clicking KACHINGLE.

Sites like the LA Progressive and other Ma and Pa operations rely heavily on the efforts of the originators — in this case, Dick and Sharon and the writers who voluntarily, without financial compensation, offer their articles. It is their sweat equity that keeps this publication going. We’d be in great shape if every reader paid $5.00 a month. But we’re not there — we’re not even close.

Does anyone get paid? Well that brings us to #3



#3 PayPal

The LA Progressive is looking for 300 of our regular readers who can spare $5 a month to keep this publication alive and active. Paypal is another easy way to make contributions. If you are a regular reader, we ask that you let us know that what we do is worth the effort by clicking the “Donate” button below.  Thank you.



#4 Advertisements

Over time,  the growth in readership can translate into revenue generated from ads.  But ads don’t pay anything if a site doesn’t attract lots of readers. That’s where you can help. When you tell your friends about the LA Progressive by forwarding our articles, in time, our readership grows. This makes our site more attractive to advertisers. Advertisers can find our rates here:

Today, most of the ads on this site are placed there by Google Adsense and are posted for free. Revenue is generated only if we refer business to the advertiser. So if, while reading an LA Progressive article, you see an advertisement and click the ad to learn more, the LA Progressive will receive a small fee for referring potential business to the advertiser. If, on the other hand, you ignore the advertisement, take no action and simply continue reading the article, we get nothing.

Here is what a typical ad looks like:



Below is the full list of 10 things you can do to support this media (it includes the ones we’ve already discussed above and more)– if you keep scrolling down you’ll find an explanation for why each of these suggestions is helpful.  Some of these suggestions won’t cost you anything, the cost of the others is controlled by you. Here they are:

  1. Click the “like” button in the “Find Us on Facebook” panel in the right margin of this page
  2. Click the “Share” button at the bottom of any LA Progressive article and then share an article
  3. Use the LA Progressive Calendar. Don’t know where it is, read the menu items at the top of this page
  4. If you are going to spend money at Amazon, why not use the LA Progressive Store.  It’s really a portal to Amazon and the prices are the same!!
  5. Go to the LA Progressive Facebook page, click “Suggest to Friends”, and send it to your friends
  6. Use the Tweet function at the bottom menu of the LA Progressive to Tweet about our stories
  7. Drop us an occasional donation via PayPal — it accepts credit cards too! (see the PayPal donate button below)
  8. Join Kachingle – this costs $5.00 (see video explaining Kachingle below)
  9. Join Flatter – you set the amount you want to contribute (see video explaining Flattr below)
  10. Support our advertisers. Many people think we get paid for posting ads. We generally don’t. We only get paid if you take a look at what the advertiser is offering.

#5 Here’s How you can use Facebook to support Progressive Sites

Facebook Fan Page

Did you know the LA Progressive has a Facebook page? Many LA Progressive readers access our site through Facebook and share our articles on Facebook. By clicking “like” on the Facebook window which opens when you click the Facebook icon here, you join a community of LA Progressive readers that share LA Progressive articles with their Facebook friends. This gets our articles to people who may not know about the LA Progressive.

#6 Here’s How you can use Twitter to support Progressive Sites

Twitter Dashboard

Did you know that we frequently get attacked by right wing activists who try to take down our site?  A few times they’ve been successful.  We are in a constant battle to keep this site up and running smoothly. Your contribution helps to pay for webmaster support.

When Sharon and I started the LA Progressive in 2008, there were a lot of things we didn’t know. We had no sense of the growing numbers of readers we would attract so quickly, not just here in downtown Los Angeles, but all across the country and beyond. And we never dreamed how many fine, insightful writers would join our team, many of them contributing their work weekly, some more often than that–all for free. The LA Progressive would be nothing without them. We’d love to pay these writers but we can’t without your help, and there are so many ways to contribute. Do you know about KACHINGLE?

#8 Kachingle? What’s that?

Kachingle is a system that provides a simple, easy to use system that helps to pay for online magazines such as the LA Progressive.  Here is a little video that tells you how it works. Please watch it and if you like the concept you can join by clicking KACHINGLE.

Sharon and I love this work. We had some sense of how much time we’d have to devote to this when we launched the site, but I don’t think we could foresee how joyfully this effort would consume us. Every morning, we have that newsletter to put out and email to answer. In the evenings after work, we edit and post our writers’ articles and polish and promote the website. And on the weekends, we cover events and write our own stories, when we can. It’s joyful work, but it is work — and all of it is done without pay.

#9 What’s this about FLATTR?

If you haven’t heard, Flattr is a way of providing micropayments to sites you like without having to dish out a boatload of cash. Have you ever wished you could just give 50 cents or a dollar but couldn’t figure out how.  Well FLATTR is the answer!!

So how does it work?

Some really smart developers in Sweden came up with a system that allows you to make micropayments.  Before this system was developed, it was impossible and ridiculous to send a payment of 10 cents. But now, every user that sets up a Flattr account pays a monthly minimum fee of about $3 that they are willing to contribute for any kind of online content. When the user finds something they like online that has a Flattr button, they can click the button to “reward” the content provider.

At the end of the month, the user’s monthly fee (remember this could be as low as $3) is split equally among the holders of the content that they “flattered”. Remember, clicking one more button doesn’t add to your monthly Flattr fee, it just divides the fee up equally.  We’ve put up a video that explains this and we are hoping you will join. Just click FLATTR.