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7-7-7 Jackpot! Whoops, Slot Machine’s Empty

$9,897,708,003,650.45 is the current national debt jackpot and we all lose!


Our country’s real owners the Congress said to its pretend owners, the voters, then the one’s propping up the economy, the Chinese, Saudis and Japanese investors buying up our debt and the those controlling the purse strings, the bankers lending to our businesses to help them manage cash flow, stay in business and make their payrolls – Drop Dead! To Wall Street – Drop Dead! To Main Street – Drop Dead!

We won’t buy any more of your debt, fix this yourselves and keep Congress off the television screens and get to work to fix this. If you cannot stop acting like a banana republic, do not expect us to help you.

-777.68, the Dow’s largest single losing day figure ever looks bad but if Nancy Reagan can use an astrologer, we’ll look for a silver lining in the only thing we have left, Chinese numerology terms. At least it ends in 8, the number for prosperity and 6, a Chinese number so lucky everyone wants the combination 6-6-6 in their life as opposed to here in the West where we think it the sign of the beast/the devil.

The real devil is in the details of response and according to Richard Wolffe of Newsweek last night on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, he brought out those details… “Let us count the ways in which he lost this. McCain Failing to live up to his own standards/measures on so many levels: he said he would suspend his campaign and get a deal, he did neither; he said he wouldn’t debate unless there was a deal, there was no deal but he went ahead and debated anyway; he said he wasn’t going to phone it in and yet went to the phones and lastly his own surrogates tried to claim credit for the deal that ultimately fell apart. By his own measure he lost four different ways in the last four days.”

McCain had a chance here. The debate went well enough to re-set the clock and help him out of the gate and people watching these debates and the next few days Two gambits, suspension, and the debate re-set the clock. As they measure up these leaders, McCain has continued a pattern of stumbling.

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Credibility lost… dangerous gambling with dice.

We could have had a bad deal/solution costing $2,300 per person. We currently have a national debt of $9,897,708,003, 650.45. And it grows by 2.5 billion a day. The population is almost 305 million means we each own $32,470.51. What’s another $.7 trillion dollars?

Marlin the clown fish desperately searching for his son in the Pixar film “Finding Nemo” when the Angler fish whose light he is basking in is about to eat him says, “Good Feelings Gone…”


by Denis Campbell

Denis Campbell is a US journalist based in the United Kingdom. He contributes to newspapers and magazines, is a BBC Radio election commentator and publishes the daily e-magazine The Vadimus Post from the Latin Quo Vadimus – where are we headed and do we know why?