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Big Corporations Get Big Bailouts

Big Corporations Get Big Bailouts

Big Corporations Get Big Bailouts

Not sure who will read this, but I saw Mr Cerf on CSPAN this morning and he got me thinking - Big Corporations Get Big Bailouts.

I'm a recently unemployed Detroit union autoworker. This whole Detroit situation was avoidable and now I and countless others are victims of someone's hateful stupidity. The Republicans and other union haters are getting back at the middle class for electing Obama. It’s obvious these neo-fascists will stop at nothing to rid the USA of a middle class so they can go back to a ruling class, and a peasantry.

They are ruling us now and I can’t do anything about it. I opposed the war but had to put up with it...and PAY FOR IT! I had nothing to do with the Wall Street and banking scandals, yet have to pay for it. What happened to all those hundreds of billions? Nobody knows the answer!? I have no say in anything congress does, but I have to pay for it. I had no say in what congress gets paid, nor what benefits they get, but I have to pay for it. Our infrastructure is failing and I'm paying for it. The list goes on and on.

Now...I'm out of work. My car needs tires and other repairs. I can't pay for it. I have dental work I was getting done, but now I have no health care coverage. Also have medical issues with no money or insurance. But they WILL take my taxes, though I have no say in how much or what THEY spend it on. I can go on and on here, too. joke here. I want to force the scoundrels to pay for all my needs. I want to "start something". I want to demand my money back...starting with the bastards who delayed the auto "bailout" so long that it put me out of work and put me in this spot. I want to demand those who bailed out the Wall Street and banking criminals pay for my needs.

Support the troops?! Huh? They volunteered to participate in an illegal invasion of a foreign land and (under orders from our Military Industrial Regime) are all guilty of mass murder that I’m forced to put up with and fund! I want to demand that they pay me now! All I ever did was go to work and try to make an honest living. I’ve certainly never killed anyone while at work. But our military has killed untold tens of thousands to earn their daily bread. Why do they get housing, health care, etc, but I get mine taken away?!

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I know this sounds really crackpot, but I'm unemployed and have plenty of time to make a spectacle of myself. I'd love to be the "idiot" who stirs up a hornet's nest. I'm also quite serious about what I said above. I want my money back that they stole from me!

I can simplify it by saying I DEMAND that I get the same salary and benefits package that any US Senator gets...and I want it now! I'll do nothing to earn this deal, which will cost the American taxpayers far less money and aggravation than what of our government costs and causes. Simply giving me this money is a big big bargain!

I want to start by sending an invoice to every member of congress, Bush, and his Cabinet. Can you help me? I'm 51 years young, and know my ass from a pothole. Our country is on the verge of civil war or general collapse. Somebody has to do something. I like what you stand for, but I don't see any results. No media splash. Look how those haters made such a big deal out of Palin and Joe The Plumber! This is what I'm driving at.



John (CaptJach) Marra

Hey, I stuck a song on here, too. It's my version of a great old Woody Guthrie union song called Mean Talkin' Blues. I redid it my own way with some new lyrics and more of a Detroit sound. The vocal was done at the auto factory in the back of my car in the parking lot. Just a rough draft but thought I'd share it with you for grins. I call my "band" The Shaggers, but it's really just me. BTW, a Shagger is a person who moves cars from one place to another at an auto factory. They are at the bottom of the pay scale and usually temp workers and generally not to bright and don't usually smell too good ;) The photo was taken by a coworker, at the plant as well.