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"...Shrouded in the mists of time is the primal origin of the most diabolical scheme to destroy the world, as we know it..."

grover norquist

Wait! That would be too easy of a tag line for an article on the pundits of parsimonious fiscal policy, otherwise known as the "Austerity Gang." No, it is the unintended consequences of this flim-flammery that boggle the mind and call for deeper inspection. What if appearances are deceptive and something more sinister is at work among all of the malodorous players in our tragedy? Now, that would please the bards of old. Would it not?

Let your mind be open to the possibilities, poisons, and predicaments buried beneath the surface of the Grover Norquist "Tax Pledge." Let us see who is who and what is what as we dive off the cliff of financial ruin, pen in hand, on a one-way ticket to hell. Play along with me as we unfold the origami of the GNTP. It is a basic, alluring, and fabulously flawed idea actually ~ No More Taxes. It certainly hits the right note especially with the arid rich and assorted misanthropes, not to mention regular Janes and Joes. But what if it was actually put into practice. No one, to my knowledge, has followed that thread out to its logical end to see what it may yield. So, let us go down that precipitous rabbit hole together.

First, we must imagine that Romney/Ryan prevail by hook or more likely by crook in the upcoming Presidential election. And let us divine that the entire Federal government goes Republican right up to the hilt of their tax-cutting sword.

Day one, they start to repeal all kinds of taxes. They start with the cosseted 1%, their string-pullers, and the rich really do become rich beyond their wildest expectations after some hacking and hewing at the Tax Code. That was easy.

But now that the revenue of the nouveau riche has dried up, the springs it fed must die as well. So, the rightward ship begins throwing unnecessary baggage over the side. They start with the "entitlements" and 'discretionary spending" for the disabled, children, the poor, undocumented workers and women's health services. In order not to alarm the middle class, or what's left of it, and to boil the frog efficiently, they go very slow at first. Some of the voiceless speak up but are quickly ignored or silenced.

As good as this flush of cuts feels the Patriots Inquisition needs to starve the beast of social responsibility even more mercilessly. The pace quickens. In the distance, at the edges of society, services are breaking down on a fast moving curve. Imperceptibly, a tipping point is being passed. Danger is approaching! What happens next? The Tax Deniers go all in of course.

A short stride down the "all in" road, abetted by total deregulation, with more public property flowing to the top and less of the everyday needs being met in the middle, the fabric of society begins to fray. Poor and homeless populations have to gather at the margins of cities in hobo towns that pop up everywhere. Illness and disease begin to spread in these ramshackle camps with no healthcare services to abate them ~ yes, healthcare had to be jettisoned for all but the lucky few at the top. Fed by ever faltering families of former middle class Americans, mobs are now seen roaming from the countryside into the cities.

Thanks to lax gun regulations, the vaunted twin pledge of the No Taxes crowd, an "everyman for himself" fever overtakes the panicked citizens. Then by calling in the National Guard, what is left of the authorities tries to protect their fully privatized islands of prosperity stolen from the labor of the masses and our national heritage ~ the public lands and the public trust.

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Hopelessly outgunned, the National Guard retreats and because they are also stripped of benefits now, they dissolve back into the forest of dry timber once know as civil society. Our restive Oligarchs call out the military. A full pitched battle ensues with ghastly bombings and casualties on all sides. America burns. Without the production of necessary goods and services in which a society needs to survive, along with workers with no jobs and no wages, the last remnants of government drown in a bathtub of blood.

On the day after the battles subside, the rich are fully disposed of their ill-gotten gains by military brigands and the shreds of humanity fitfully retching in a sea of anarchy. No Taxes led to No Revenue, led to No Government, led to No Order, led to Anarchy ~ an outcome preordained by the colossal failure of imagination of elected leaders and those who are so imbued with greed, fear and self-loathing that they have no tomorrows has come to pass.

Somewhere in the dark twilight of civilization a shriek of laughter rises above the din. Do you see the stark truth now my friends? If Grover Norquist and the Ultra Right No Tax cabal succeed then Anarchy from the Left and the Right will descend on America. Could it not be said then that Norquist is a de facto provocateur of a malevolent strain of sociopaths bent on the final Murder/Suicide of humanity?

Does it not follow then that Grover Norquist, at his core; is actually the Manchurian Taxman sent to rend America asunder in the name of Chaos and not the flag bearer of Conservative piousness and the entrenched Plutocracy? Is he actually using their prejudices and appetites to bring them to their knees along with the rest of us? Or is the failure of his ideology embedded so deep within its rotten nucleus that even he cannot perceive it? Plan or accident the outcome is the same.

Ponder it dear readers. Appearances are deceptive and unintended consequences know no bounds and favor no face or faction. What I have conjectured may or may not come to pass but I will wager you that now that I have sent it out across the wires and into the ether it will give many pause, on the right and the left.

Brad Parker

Like a crazed lone wolf gunman striding down the mall of our psyches comes Grover Norquist, armed with toxic ideas and dangerous to all who value the living future more than the deadly past...

Brad Parker
Valeey Dems United

Margie Murray, Editor

Published: Sunday, 16 September 2012