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How I Intend to Spend My $600 Stimulus Package Allowance


Kevin Lynn

Later this week, each taxpayer in this country will be receiving their portion of the economic stimulus package that was passed by what can only be described as the combined stupidity, irresponsibility, and corruption of our executive and legislative branches. Granted there were those who tried valiantly to craft a just and effective package but in the end we got what we got because ultimately influence is for sale in D.C. and the majority of our representatives served us the 21st century version of the phrase “let them eat cake.”

I mean really, does any thinking man or woman believe that a paltry $600 is going to revive an economy and nation that is trillions in debt, hemorrhaging billions of dollars each month in the most failed and reckless military venture in our nation’s history, and running record trade deficits??

I believe the $600 check I will be getting is nothing more than an attempt to divert attention from the hundreds of billions being spent to bailout the perpetrators of the current financial fiasco. In a word, I am disgusted. But what can I do? What can we do? Well, I could drink the kool-aid and buy that iPhone made in China for $300 that I have been “Jonesing” for the past couple months; or, I could make a month and half worth of minimum credit card payments; OR, or I could do something that could (with the help of millions of other patriotic Americans) do some real good. Imagine if the checks we are given help to some day bring Bush and his cronies to justice. I am going divvy up my $600 (or whatever amount I get) in the following manner to the following causes and campaigns:

$50 To the Progressive Democrats of America’s Change Makes Change program.

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$100 To Brave New Films to help them continue making those great videos,

$100 To Democracy for America so they can continue to do the good grassroots organizing and training that they do so well across the country.

$200 To the campaign of Laruette Healey who is a strong fiscally responsible and socially progressive candidate running in the Democratic primary in the 40th Assembly district.

$100 To the campaign of Tim Goodrich who co-founded the organization Iraq Veterans for Progress and is running for a town council seat in the city of Torrance .

$50 Well, the last $50 . . . I’m just not sure what to do with. Ah, I think I’ll just head on down to Borders and feed my mind. . .

by Kevin Lynn