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Occupy Fights Foreclosures Turns Tables on BofA

Cheryl Aichele: Occupy Activists aim to highlight the fraudulent ways in which the nation’s largest mortgage servicer forecloses on millions of innocent families.

Ugly Foreclosure Story Turns Uglier as Bank of America Attempts High-Pressure Tactics

On Friday, Dirma Rodriguez— a widowed mother of a seriously disabled daughter— who alleges fraudulent foreclosure by Bank of America, was contacted by a lawyer representing the bank. David Redy, a partner at Redy & Smith, insisted that Rodriguez sign paperwork that day protecting the bank from legal liable of their foreclosure of Rodriguez’ West Adams home.

In a Los Angeles Times article from April 13, Bank of America stated it is considering a loan modification that would return the home to Rodriguez and her family.

But on Friday— after more than two weeks of no contact from the bank— their lawyer applied high-pressure tactics to obtain Rodriguez’ signature on documents relieving them from all liability. In addition, Redy was seeking Rodriguez’ signature to also relieve the new owner, a house flipper from El Segundo called West Ridge Rentals, of all liability as well.

In the LA Times article, Alan Dettelbach, from Troygould Law Firm, said West Ridge is willing to walk away if Bank of America repays them the money spent buying the house plus costs it incurred since. Bank of America spokesperson Rick Simon said the bank has to be certain Rodriguez can afford the payments before they agree to a modification.

However, instead of working with Rodriguez to determine if she can afford a modification, the attorneys seem to be turning up the pressure to get the family out onto the streets. On Monday of last week, West Ridge Rentals sent an employee of Maxim Properties to persuade the family to move out.

For over the six months, Maxim Properties has had three different “security guards” that have separately slept in an upstairs unit on Rodriguez’s property. They have not paid any utilities during that time, caused water damage from “playing” in the bath tub with numerous “lady friends”, and have caused the family grief with a variety of nuisances such as dogs, abandoned vehicles, blocked driveways, and disruptions.

aclu foreclosures

Now, members of Occupy Fights Foreclosures, a subcommittee of Occupy Los Angeles, say it’s time to turn the tables on Bank of America and the others by turning up the pressure on them to work with this family in good faith and right all the wrongs they are responsible for.

Activists vow to fraudulently foreclose on Bank of America on Tuesday, May 8th, at 4pm in Pasadena.

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The group strategically chose this date because it is the night before Bank of America’s annual shareholders’ meeting which will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, the next morning.

Occupy Activists aim to highlight the fraudulent ways in which the nation’s largest mortgage servicer forecloses on millions of innocent families. The protesters will present fraudulent documents, similar to the ones the banks use, to bank employees as they bring moving trucks full of boxes to displace the bank’s employee.

These homeowner advocates will demonstrate how the bank has failed its corporate responsibilities.

“One of the Occupy Movement’s Principles of Solidarity is ‘Individual and collective responsibility’”, says Suzanne O’Keeffe, a member of Occupy LA’s foreclosure group, “and we’re here to collectively hold the banks responsible for the mess they have made of our neighbors’ homes and our communities.”

Advocates say this is not the first time the bank, new owner, and the property management company have applied high-pressure tactics on Rodriguez and her family.


“High-pressure tactics are a classic way banks and other predatory groups trick families into doing things they normally wouldn’t do.” Continues OKeeffe, “We’re here to turn the tables on them and give them a taste of their own medicine.”

Cheryl Aichele
Occupy Fights Foreclosures 

Posted: Sunday, 6 May 2012