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President Obama's Remarks Before the House Votes on Stimulus Bill

President Barack Obama spoke to a group of business executives and elected officials before the House voted on the highly anticipated Stimulus Bill which contains an $825 billion Stimulus Plan.

Why I Support Barack Obama

The President noted that seven of the largest corporations in the United States announced, this week, that they are making job cuts. Earlier, in a meeting with business leaders he stressed that, "We can turn the economy." Remarking on decisions made in the past, the President said, "Part of what has lead us into this mess is the sense of irresponsibility that prevails in Wall Street and Washington."

We Will Invest In What Works
In a tone not heard from a president in many years, Obama promised a new era of responsibility where executives and factory floor workers, educators and engineers, health care professionals and elected officials alike will be encouraged to work together as opposed to input only coming from the top. He maintains that his administration will, "try something new in Washington- we will invest in what works."

The President expressed his understanding of those who are skeptical of the recovery plan stating that to his administration has taken "unprecidented measures that will allow the American people to hold my administration accountable."

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Quoting Justice Louis Brandice, Obama said,"sunlight is the best disinfectant". To achieve the kind of transparency he feels is necessary to produce change, his team has created which will be launched after the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The President continues to encourage the American people to stay connected and involved.