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Spending Money at Home Helps America!

I watched all the Sunday stuff on the telly today. Who was that old guy on the show saying that we should not be spending money on American schools, American students in college, or on the rebuilding of the infrastructure of America? Why? Because, are you ready, he says it will not do any good and its just liberal spending! That is soooooooooooo John Roberts!


Let us review basic Econ 1A about the multiplier effect. Look around you; look at the window, at the door, and at the ceiling. All of these are infrastructure items. So your window is broken, the door falls off the frame, and the roof leaks -- what do you do? Well, if you have the money and are wise, you fix it. And if you fix the items, there is what is called a multiplier effect. [See, it is not only the carpenter, the roofer, or the window repair who is making money off your fix. It is also the industries that supply the parts, make the food for the roach coaches, and sell the gas to run the equipment.]

Now, however, if you do nothing, your house will go to hell. This is just like what the Republicants have done for the last eight years. In the last eight years, the Republicants have spent a trillion dollars of American taxpayer dollars in Iraq to make Bush the Lesser feel good.

Now they say that spending a trillion dollars in America is a bad idea! How can these two-faced hypocritical Republicants stand in front of any mirror and look at themselves? They have destroyed our economy and our positions in the world community, while millions of Americans are out of work because of their right-wing business-only policies.

So here is the question of the day: Will Americans continue to be apathetic about what the Republicants are doing to stall the relief package which we all know needs to be done?

In California, the Republicants refuse to come to the bargaining table on the budget, just as the Federal Republicants are doing. The latest development is that the Governor of California has established furlough days. Or, in other words, a 10% pay cut for all state workers under his authority. For some of these workers, this cut is the difference between making the mortgage payment and homelessness.

I have a suggestion; it is time for a national strike. In California, that should not be hard. For example, here in Sacramento alone, 70,000 state workers live and work here. Let them march to the Republicants offices and tell them what we need and want. It is time to take it to the streets.

If the people want this Republicants party to do anything, we need to get the message to them. Call their offices, picket their homes, ask them the questions at press conferences (they can’t control these questions).

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A day of social action is what we need now. (What about one of the Furlough Fridays?) These fascists cannot see beyond the issue of how to maintain themselves in power. They are unapologetic about why they are stalling. They do not seem to care about anybody but the Halliburtons of the world and how to win the next election in 2010. All these tactics are about the congressional races in contested states. They are fighting only for partisan purposes. They have become the insurgents trying to destroy America.

If the Republicants can stall and hold up the new administration for six months, they will win the midterms and then stall more as America stumbles and cracks under the strain of economic depression. [If we didn’t have unemployment insurance, student loans, social security, Medicaid and Medicare…where do you think this country would be?]

So what will you do to take it to the streets (or the Internet)? This is where we as Americans get our best work done.

The Big O is trying to change how America makes money; he is trying to establish a second industrial revolution. The President wants to get us into a new cleaner world where our children can breathe clean air and create new industries.


The Republicants, however, want to keep the coal oil fires burning in the outside cookhouse next to the outhouse.

Steven J. Ybarra JD is a retired civil rights attorney who operates a consultant company in California. He is a member of the California Democratic State Party and is Chair of the Chicano Latino Caucus Voting Rights Committee and a long time political activist.

This article is copyrighted by Steven J. Ybarra JD, originally published in but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media if this entire credit paragraph is attached.