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Ladies and Gentlemen:

I think that I "get" it. Cantor, Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, Dreier, and others of their ilk on both sides of the aisle - corporate minions all - seem to seriously believe that saving the very wealthy and corporate America from sharing in the tax burden that all of us must bear is worth the destruction of our middle class, of our economy, of the programs that provide all of us a safety net, and, most unfortunately, of our democracy. Their proposals are not about the deficit - deficits are not curbed by reducing revenues - they are about establishing an oligarchy. Their proposals are anti-democratic, anti-humanitarian, and verge on treason.

The entire country is being held hostage by their idiocy. The primary national deficit in the United States is the brains of our smug, entitled, self-absorbed, ego-driven, grandstanding, politicians.

Respectfully submitted,

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Lewis Redding