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False America is a nation with an untrue telling of it. True America is a nation with a true telling of it. The difference makes all the difference in the world. In other words, this post is NOT an academic exercise!

Keys to the White House

Who created the two America’s? America’s power elite has done so from the very beginning and continues to do so every day.

Why have they been doing so? Simply to keep Americans from rebelling against the power elite's control and exploitation of Americans’ lives and against the power elite’s habitual declared and undeclared wars against the rest of humanity since the very beginning of America.

Since you were interested enough to read this website, I will assume that you know the difference between the two Americas. If that is so, you are very different from many Americans who “see what they believe,” and those beliefs have been masterfully shaped throughout the history of America by its generations of power elite.

Let’s do a side-by-side comparison of a few examples of False America (F) and True America (T):

F1: The American Revolution was fought to free the people from suppression by King George and his chartered corporations.

T1: The unnecessary war (England did not have the resources or the will to control the colonists for an extended period) was fought for the benefit of the power elite who subsequently had the new president, George Washington, start military operations to expand the invaders’ territory. George dutifully did so. One of his military orders was to attack civilians of all ages who belonged to the Six Nations of the Indigenous Peoples in New York.

F2: We are the “United States of America.”

We are the “Divided People of America.” Its power elite have always deliberately kept us divided and conquered.

T2: We are the “Divided People of America.” Its power elite have always deliberately kept us divided and conquered. It’s an obvious truth surrounded by evidence: multicultural and multiracial divides, fractionated socioeconomically, politically divisive, too few protesters at protest movements, etc., etc.

F3: America is a democracy.

T3: America is not a democracy of people ruled by the many. It is a “corpocracy” of a tiny group of people, the power elite, ruling everyone else. I call America’s corpocracy “the Devil’s marriage” between the power elite of Corporate America and Government America, with the latter a corrupted servant of the former. Truth be known, the power elite has turned America into a fascist state. The late fascist dictator of Italy, Benito Mussolini, knew what he was talking about when he said: “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

F4. The National Anthem deserves patriotic respect because it symbolizes a great nation.

T4. The National Anthem is a means for the power elite to promote the wrong kind of patriotism (“my country right or wrong”) rather than the right kind (“my country, please do right and no wrong”). If you have ever read the end of the song’s third verse you know it glorifies war and condones slavery. Jingoistic patriotism is what prevailed in Nazi Germany and prevails in America.

F5: America’s Civil War was fought to free the slaves.

T5: The Civil War killed more Americans by far than any of our other wars. “Honest” Abe started the war to preserve the “union” for a stronger defense against foreign enemies and to strengthen the power elite’s hegemonic aspirations. Furthermore, Abe was a self-proclaimed racist. Don’t believe me? Maybe you will when you read this piece of what he wrote to a correspondent: “I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races---and I as much as any other man am in favor of having superior position assigned to the white race.” Abe is just one of all but two US presidents (who died shortly after inauguration) whose legacies America’s power elite have had to spin over time to prevent popular uprisings.

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F6: America’s wars and other military interventions have been unavoidable and just pursuits to defend America’s freedom and to spread democracy to other nations.

T6: America’s wars and other military interventions have been contrived by America’s power elite to expand their control of the world’s resources (the case against just and unavoidable war is made in great detail in Appendix A of my book, “911!”). "War", Major General Smedley Butler once said, "is a racket."

F7: America’s immigration laws were created to provide an opportunity for immigrants.

T7: The power elite created America’s immigration laws for two self-serving purposes. One, to provide a cheap source of labor. Two, to keep America culturally divided and thus powerless.

F8: America’s corporations are regulated by the charters of incorporation from the States (mostly Delaware) in which the corporations sought to be chartered and by the regulatory agencies of the Federal government.

T8: The States’ charters and Federal regulations are meaningless, toothless pieces of paper. The power elite of Corporate America not only determines what it does but also what the entirety of Government America does.

F9: America’s capitalism has made America great.

T9: There are good and bad kinds of capitalism. America has never had much of the good kind. America’s bad capitalism has made financial investors and speculators rich and created the great divide of income inequality among Americans.

F10: Poor Americans are responsible for their poverty.

T10: The power elite along with their bad capitalism are responsible for widespread poverty among Americans. Corporate riches at the top do not trickle down to the masses.

F11: Whistleblowers are traitors.

T11: It’s the power elite’s excuse for locking up conscientious dissidents. The true traitors are the Corpocracy’s power elite who, by maintaining a fascist state at home and having people killed in other lands, are violating our Constitution and International Criminal law and thereby endangering our nation and the world.

These 11 examples ought to be enough to make the point that there is indeed a False America and a True America. But do these differences really make a big difference in livelihoods and lives? You bet! My next post will have the answer.


Gary Bramback, PhD

911 Rescue America

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