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California Teacher Credentialing Corruption Ignored

Leonard Isenberg: The preconceived "dominant narrative" that mainstream media is programmed to spew out all over this country that vilifies and lays all blame for bad public education on teachers is allowed to trump reality of corruption and fraud from LAUSD.
Kathleen Carroll

Kathleen Carroll

California Teacher Credentialing Corruption Ignored in Favor of Teacher Bashing

In trying to address and fight the concerted and coordinated neo-liberal agenda to nationalize the as much as $370 billion public education "business" in the United States, I have had the pleasure of meeting some incredible people all who know the essential place public education must play, if we are to survive as a democratic and equitable society for all of our citizens.

Karen Horwitz, who started the National Association to Prevent Teacher Abuse (NAPTA) that now has 1400 members consisting of excellent teachers who have already been summarily removed from teaching all over the country for standing up for high quality public education, while refusing to go along with the corruption that has become all too common in these districts, gave me the name of Carrie Clark in the Sacramento area, who had reported her district's improprieties with attendance and building funds.

Carrie in turn gave me the name of Kathleen Carroll, who had been an attorney for California Teacher Credentialing (CTC), until she pointed out retaliation against CTC employees, if they did not go along with CTC policy that included improper procedures that denied teachers appearing before it due process of law. In addition, Carroll as a member of the State Bar of California, was under an affirmative duty to not go along with other corrupt policies as diverse as sanctioning nepotism or allowing teachers to be railroaded by districts like the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) on trumped up charges that in no way gave these teachers the fair and impartial hearing they were entitled to under law. Rather, they had their credentials summarily revoked.

Kathleen Carroll was supposed to testify on Monday, May 9th before a committee of the California State Legislature looking into these allegations of impropriety at CTC about corruption within this agency, but when I turned on the coverage of the hearing by local Sacramento CBS affiliate channel 13 with the Internet link Carroll sent me, I couldn't believe my eyes at the distortion Sacramento CBS affiliate Channel 13 had the dishonesty to air as "news."

What these disreputable "reporters" had done was front load the piece with a totally unrelated and unsubstantiated introduction about "bad teachers," who were accused of having shown "pornography to their students" or another teacher, who had "committed campus." The introduction went on further to talk about "thousands of teachers," that had done bad things, but which CTC had never even bothered to investigate.

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None of this had anything at all to do with Attorney Kathleen Carroll's testimony about CTC corruption within the CTC and had nothing to do with "bad" teachers, other than the fact that teachers had been denied due process in CTC's sloppy handling of files presented by districts like LAUSD's in their attempts to railroad these teachers out of the profession without cause or with highly suspect documentation of allegations that might justify removing a teacher's teaching credential and with it their livelihood..

Attorney Carroll herself for trying to bring these corrupt practices to her superiors at CTC had been removed as an employee of CTC in retaliation for seeking justice and impartial process in CTC's handing of its business. The harassment and dismissal of Kathleen Carroll was very reminiscent of how LAUSD and other school district throughout the state and throughout the country are going after perfectly excellent and professional teachers in bad faith, because they too had the courage to speak up against corruption.

Instead of the viewers of this overtly manipulated piece of yellow journalism relating to an independent state agency's determination of 46% of CTC employees fearing reprisals if they spoke up against CTC administrative corruption with regard to its own internal operation, the contrived opening of the "news item" refocused CTC corruption on letting outrageously bad teachers get off, something that was clearly not true and which Channel 13 offered no evidence to show that it was.

Again, the preconceived "dominant narrative" that mainstream media is programmed to spew out all over this country that vilifies and lays all blame for bad public education on teachers is allowed to trump reality of corruption and fraud from LAUSD and other incompetently run public school districts around the state and around the country all the way up to the state and national levels that allows it to continue unchecked.

leonard isenberg

As if this wasn't bad enough, one of the reporters at local CBS Sacramento affiliate Channel 13 was confronted after the piece aired as to its distortion of what had actually taken place. His only response was, "Stories about sex is what our audience wants to see." This brought to mind something the late comedian George Carlin once said (see video)>

Leonard Isenberg