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Conducting Public Education in a Foreign Language: English

Leonard Isenberg: The hard reality is that once the neurobiology and sociology human development milestones are allowed to pass without even attempting to fulfill them, permanent damage is done,
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LAUSD: Where Public Education Is Conducted in a Foreign Language Called English

Presently, it is fashionable to demonize teachers for the longstanding and what remains the continuing failure of their students. This is based on one fundamental misconception that the students in their classes are presently capable of being engaged by their teachers, when they generally have abysmal skills in English, math, and other missing foundational skills that should have been acquired in earlier grades.

The simplistic argument goes something like this: If these students are not learning, it must be because the teachers are not doing their job. There is a certain irony to such a cursory analysis where the resulting effect of students not being educated is the exclusive factor considered by administrators and politicians who themselves seem to have not received a very good education with the analytical skills necessary to fairly understand and address the continuing failure of the students they have power over.

Although most teachers have the education to address the problems, they clearly do not have the power in public education bureaucracies that still favor a top-down feudal model as opposed to one of two-way accountability. However, teachers are the most convenient scapegoat for student failure, rather than addressing and dealing with a myriad of causal factors that start with inadequate prenatal nutrition through absent or inadequate early child development in all language acquisition skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening).

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No consideration is given to the facts that family insecurity caused by poverty, divorce, and purposefully marginalized minority cultures, where tradition nuclear families are the exception rather than the rule, cause the vast majority of these young people to initially arrive at school having heard millions of less words than their more affluent student peer group.

It is not racism to say that predominantly Black and Latino students cannot learn when every effort has been made to destroy their intelligence by not timely addressing their fundamental needs in education or by not doing adequate remediation at an early enough age to get them caught up to their peer group. The Music Man and other teacher movies are Hollywood. The hard reality is that once the neurobiology and sociology human development milestones are allowed to pass without even attempting to fulfill them, permanent damage is done in a more and more irreversible manner as a direct function of how long they are allowed to last, until it is no longer possible for the student to reach what would have been their potential, if they had been taught in an age-appropriate manner.

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While low achievement of minority children is clearly understandable in this context and rather easily remediable with the political and moral will to do so, what is harder to deal with is the lack of common sense in the dominant culture that seems hell bent on sowing the seeds of its own destruction, because they seem incapable of learning the clear lessons of history as to what causes social instability, chaos, and ultimate disintegration.

Leonard Isenberg