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It shouldn't come as a surprise when a society hell bent on turning all resources into commodities finds that it is high time to harvest its own young. It's the alchemy of the insane, attempting to turn the intangible and the exquisite into greenbacks. It may seem as if it is working for a time, but there will be consequences.

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Perhaps it is a moldy jealousy of their still relatively pristine bodies, but the calls to protect items such as Medicare sound out. But at the same time, there is no regard for the struggling young in those gatherings of the hyperglycemic. Universal healthcare is off the table, of course. Because in America, our table is only open for fine dining. It's that or nothing, kid.

The Seven Generation Rule, attributed to the Iroquois Confederacy, indicates that you need to consider the results of your decisions down to the seventh generation (even if you need skin as thick as bark). We don't plan for seven months.

But it's getting worse in a myriad of ways. It's no secret that the cost of higher education has far outpaced ability to pay for all but the very wealthy. And it's no accident that student loan debt cannot be discharged in the same manner, as say, an AMEX funded international whore junket. We gotta have moral hazard, certainly. I get that.

But it doesn't end there. The schools are failing, certainly. We don't want to fund that sort of thing -- to give them the chance to be successful. Anyway, teachers would teach for free if need be -- that's what I've heard! So there's the option of dosing the kids up with Ritalin and Ritalin's relatives (close to cocaine). Why, with the appropriate dosage these kids can do several hours of homework without the realization that they have urinated on themselves. Focus, focus. Compete, compete. Consume, text, run. RUN.

And probably you should make sure that they are constantly indoctrinated with televised sexual prudery and graphic violence. Make certain that this fills their day. Try hard to instill a lack of empathy and denigrate normal urges. This is a nice recipe for disassociated crazy.

And if by some weird chance, a few miracle young see through all of this, and start....questioning. Well, come down hard. Don't let them have places to "occupy" nonviolently. Bring that down quickly before others start to hear. They must not question those cages that have been erected around them. It's all or nothing when you are the crop of the factory farm. One weed can spoil everything. If only there was round-up in John Pike's canister.

Leah-Lynn Plante has this tattooed on her arm "strive to survive causing least suffering possible". That is simply not acceptable. It's all about suffering, you exquisitely lovely girl. We're well in the realm of thought-crime here, and it's simply being trialed on the young. Did you know that you can be given immunity when you don't want it? That way they can skip past your right to stay silent. When that right is gone, then you can sit in prison for 18 months if you opt to stay quiet.....about people you know who might be involved with broken windows in another town. Matt Duran, the scary fellow with kitten loving photos circulating on the internet knows this, as does Kteeo Olejnik. Lots of effort going into a vandalism issue, don't you think? More bravery in those wispy young adults than in the whole of the Fox/CNN believing public. Make no mistake, it's about paradigm clash, not broken glass.

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I'm incredibly cheap, I'll admit it. So I look at Craigslist free stuff because I know one day I'm going to score something great like a kiln that needs a sitter or that sort of thing. Anyway, I'm looking the other day and there's an ad for free dog food. It said that they just had a load of organic pet food dropped off at a local "Food not Bombs". They wanted to give it away to someone who could use it. I hadn't even heard of that group, and it seemed odd they had dog food. My dog is a horrible ass who only eats hotdogs, so that didn't help me (luckily she is very small so the diet isn't completely cost prohibitive. She does have really bad breath, though.)

kathleen peine

Anyway, I did look up that group out of curiosity. Evidently they just prepare and serve food to anyone who shows up in a local park -- the homeless, students- anybody. Trouble is, they seem to do it for protesters, too; I found out all of this during my curiosity search. This got them a visit from an alphabet soup agency in the area awhile back. Mainly an attempt to scare, that sort of thing. I guess maybe it was a dyslexic agent who read it as "Bombs not Food". I would certainly worry about an outfit like that, too. What horrible priorities, but hey, wait a minute.........

Anyway, all of this scattered and nebulous talk -- it really does congeal down to this: You young people are ours to devour -- as is the entire natural world. Your birth to your death is to be one long commodity usage trail, and you are also a commodity. Don't ever consider that you are anything better- anything greater. To realize this is wrong is the most subversive thought you can have.

But things do change in completely unanticipated ways.

Kathleen Peine

And sometimes there is truth in cheese. In the film Tombstone, DocHolliday mutters in that sexy consumptive drawl, " Oh, make no mistake. It's not revenge he's after. It's a reckoning."

I do believe that a reckoning is coming. I have no idea what shape it will take, but of its billowing, gathering dark -- of that I am sure. The young are not commodities.

Take that to the frigging bank.

Kathleen Peine

Posted: Sunday, 14 October 2012