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The unaffected parts of the world refuse to acknowledge that racism is alive and kicking even when it stares us all in the face. The truth is, we have to eventually face and deal with this monster, even if it means tearing down fickle castles we have built in the air for centuries. Only when we accept that children of color get a lower quality of education when compared to their Caucasian counterparts and find a way to rectify this can we say we are finally working on racism. This is long overdue, of course.

Although many people are blind to it, racism is still a big issue in learning institutions. Many essay writers have penned papers and opinion pieces with examples on how this issue has been affecting – and continues to affect – children of color. There are so many racism essay topics online that show the unseen extents of this practice. Poor representation in gifted programs and significantly lower quality of education are results of those in power refusing to acknowledge racism.

When you withhold quality of education from children of color high, they will forever lag behind and eventually believe that they are indeed inferior to their Caucasian counterparts.

One of the reasons most people refuse to see racism is in the way it is packaged. It’s in disparities in the disciplinary measures taken against students of different ethnicities, less funding for some school districts, and subtle segregation. Research has shown children of color in US public schools have to do with less than their white counterparts in most parts of the country.

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What Is Racism in the Modern World?

Just like a virus, racism mutates. These days, it presents itself in subtle ways where if one is not keen, they might miss it completely. It is in people of one race avoiding contact with those of a minority group, effectively making it seem like they are better. If they – the majority – are in a place of authority, they will do whatever they have to deny those in the minority an opportunity to succeed. Topics on prejudice are ignored because most people are too weak to acknowledge being blind to the plight of those different from them, and that in itself is racism.

Essay samples and paper examples have been written on children of color whose records were tainted to deny them opportunities to work at big firms. Unfortunately, that still happens to date. So, while it may look different, we still see the same ugly face of racial segregation that was there years ago. When people say they do not see color, they are disrespectful because this is the most visual thing anyone sees in another. Only when we see it and still respect each other despite the color of our skin can we really relate as human beings.

How Racism Manifests Itself in Public Schools

How does racism affect education? It has been noted in some states that white teachers are more preferred during the hiring process and especially in public institutions. In Washington, an earlier study found 89% of the teachers to be white. Over time, there is a bit of diversity as more is being done, but the number still remains significantly low.

That is not to say there are not enough people of color applying for the jobs. This then means the spirited storytelling skills of a child of color may not be seen as so by a teacher not socialized to speak as so, but rather taken to be hyperactivity. This may land this child in trouble more than once or force them to tone their passion down because their educator does not really have the best knowledge of them.

Some educators have shown bias in the way they award grades. In several studies, with one done barely two years ago, white kids were rated better than their black counterparts even though they had the same grades. This is certainly a case of institutional racism in schools that denies one race the chance for scholarships and such support when they do deserve it. Even bigger effects of racism in schools are seen when teachers are asked to recommend students for gifted and talented programs, and they end up choosing along the racial divide.

How to Tackle Racism in Schools

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

It helps the students of color to have people that look like them in positions of power at school. More teachers representing minority races will buoy the confidence of these students, reminding them that they are just as capable as anyone else. The base for academic and sports scholarships should be on merit, and everyone should get equal opportunities to do great. Way too many essays have been published on how to make the public school system better for the country to be circling all these years.