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superintendant john deasy

Superintendant John Deasy

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy wants to present himself as a nice guy who is just doing his difficult job, while having "deep conflict" about what has happened at Miramonte, Telfair, and possibly many other LAUSD schools, instead of being the prime mover in a dysfunctional public education system that is so busy targeting good teachers that it doesn't have the time to do its job to get the few teacher and administrative perverts out of the profession.

Deasy's self-serving main purpose is rather to frame the discussion of these regrettable and avoidable events in a manner in which LAUSD has no responsibility. Ironically, it is precisely this district penchant for never taking responsibility that has in fact created the fertile ground for a "culture of silence" he mistakenly ascribes only to teachers, who in reality are too terrorized by LAUSD administration to speak up, when clearly the price of so doing is to be targeted for losing your job.

While molesting children is clearly at the top end of the spectrum of heinous acts permitted by LAUSD dysfunctional behavior, there are other more come crimes that LAUSD allows to be committed against students on a daily basis that in the aggregate cause much greater harm to students over their lifetime. A

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At Central High School, one teacher would take her students shopping for two hours a day in a four-hour class day of this continuation school and had no student work in her files when I took over her class. Another teacher at the same site would take students across the street to the park for two hours a day. In both cases, the student bad behavior was clearly a result of having been allowed to fall hopelessly behind in basic English language and math skills, which made their engagement in the educational process at a high school level virtually impossible.

But given that these teachers and others like them never questioned what the principal didn't do to create an atmosphere where these students could learn, they were never subjected to LAUSD standard practice of attacking any teacher who has the guts to actually try and do their job or complain about those administrators or teachers not doing theirs.

The present and longstanding institutional racist culture of LAUSD, notwithstanding the Orwellian rhetoric to the contrary, still has no expectation that either Black or Latino children can learn. By bringing administrators of all ethnicities into this system, Deasy and Company maintain a facade of aspiring to good public education for all in a system where there is still no expectation that Black and Latino children can learn. Dare to point this out like I did and you are labels a racist.

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Are you starting to get a picture of the gospel according to Deasy and his predecessors as superintendent at LAUSD?

In the video with Conan Nolan of NBC, Superintendent Deasy paints a picture where LAUSD has its hands tied by the police and either makes a deal to get pervert teachers to resign or they will be forced back in the classroom by the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). Both Deasy and NBC misstate the actual makeup of the OAH and how it functions. The trier of fact are two retired teachers and an administrative law judge, who not only allows clearly fabricated evidence to be used against any teacher before this body, but also has the power to ignore evidence and witnesses that clearly show most teachers have done nothing wrong and probably everything right in a district that will not abide this.

And although Deasy makes it seem that the process is rather summary before the OAH, which according to him would potentially allow pervert teachers back in the classroom, my own situation is more representative, where LAUSD's attorneys have been stalling with continuance after continuance, so that I now have a hearing date close to three years after I was removed from my class in handcuffs, not for perversion against children, but for having reported LAUSD perversion of having graduated students from my school with valid diplomas who have low elementary English language skills and even worse fundamentals in math..

LAUSD's sole tactic in the cases that it brings against most teachers is an attempt to financially starve out a teacher, even though California Education Code Section 44944, which in theory gives an teacher being threatened by dismissal a legal right to a hearing within 60 days. This rarely takes place, because United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) law firm Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad waives this right to a timely hearing as a matter of course in a manner that clearly appears to collude with LAUSD against the teachers' best interest..

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So the reality is that neither Paul William Chapel of Telfair Elementary nor Mark Berndt of Miramonte Elementary had any chance of being put back into a classroom without a long and protracted process that LAUSD has been known to drag out for as much as 10 years with appeals in the unlikely scenario of the OAH deciding in favor of the teacher.

So Superintendent Deasy, the question remains: Why was Mark Berndt paid $40,000 and $16,000 in attorneys fees for Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad, when there was no danger of these teachers ever seeing the inside of a classroom again, if found guilty in a court of law and not in the press as you have been seeking to do?

President Harry Truman used to have a sign on his desk, "The buck stops here." LAUSD's John Deasy should have one on his desk, "The buck never stops here." Regrettably, it seems that only a boycott against LAUSD, where classes are reconstituted elsewhere by retired teachers no longer subject to LAUSD institution culture of intimidation, will get the attention of Deasy and Co. by cutting off their money supply for continuing to run this dangerous daycare system that clearly harms students, teachers, and the vast majority of administrators none of whom go to school to wreak the kind of havoc that has become commonplace for far to long. Ya basta!

leonard isenberg

Leonard Isenberg