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John Deasy Resigns

John Deasy Resigns

Given this latest soap episode at LAUSD, one might reasonably start to wonder if there is such a medical condition as Collective Alzheimer's Disease (CAD?), the worsening symptoms of which seem to have afflicted the LAUSD Board for a long time now. Case in point, the LAUSD Board seems to have forgotten Ramon Cortines' own recent rather colorful departure under fire from LAUSD and an equally morally challenging past to match John Deasy's present.

How soon the Board forgets Cortines' sexual harassment charges, that were brought against him in 2012 by fellow Cortines-hired LAUSD employee Scott Graham for sexual battery, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. These charges were dismissed on a legal technicality and not by an adjudication on its merits.

And even though Cortines was given a pass by LAUSD Board Member Monica Garcia on conflict of interest charges for having taken $150,000 a year for several years from Scholastics Inc. at the same time Cortines was LAUSD superintendent and contemporaneous with a $16 million- a-year contract Scholastic had with LAUSD, LAUSD's memory-deprived board didn't seem capable of factoring this in before making him Deasy's interim replacement.

Only in the long-failed insular culture of LAUSD, that steadfastly refuses to go outside its own incestuous administrative short list comfort zone of "qualified" public education insiders, would a Ray Cortines even be considered.

Only in the long-failed insular culture of LAUSD, that steadfastly refuses to go outside its own incestuous administrative short list comfort zone of "qualified" public education insiders, would a Ray Cortines even be considered. When all is said and done, Cortines or any other candidate for superintendent must guarantee entrenched power at LAUSD that they will leave the district as dysfunctional as it was when they were hired. And sadly, that is a job qualification pretty much written in stone for holding any administrative position at LAUSD.

Clearly and inexplicably, state and federal public officials have tenaciously refuse to hold LAUSD administrators accountable to the same standards that exist in the outside world and, more specifically, in the privileged world of private schools. LAUSD administration has never been held accountable to anything even remotely resembling good business practices in this $6 billion a year plus endeavor and any who have tried to do this have been blocked by LAUSD political juice.

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There is a certain irony to the fact that what Deasy and Cortines and their predecessors have done at LAUSD would have gotten them immediately fired at a prestigious private school. And as any targeted teacher at LAUSD can tell you, that which gets you charged and removed from your teaching livelihood at LAUSD would get you lauded as a great teacher at a private or parochial school, where those with money and the social capital necessary to change LAUSD have escaped -- much to our collective loss. Could that be what the Brown vs. Education court meant 60 years ago when they said, "Separate but inherently unequal."

In determining who will even be considered for the superintendent's job, the seal of approval must also come from privatizers and charter school supporters Eli Broad, Bill Gates, and the Waltons, which is far more important than whether a candidate has ever had any success in finally turning around what at this point can only be described as a purposefully failed and segregated public education system at LAUSD and around the country.

John Deasy Resigns

"Those who do not learn from their history are doomed to repeat it," according to George Santayana. An LAUSD that remains close to 90% Latino and African American is more and more resembling similarly polarized Greek, Rome, French, and Russian societies of the not too distant past that led to those societies decline and fall. As a history teacher, it saddens me that this lesson seems to be lost on the LAUSD Board and the puppet masters who these politically ambitious people take their orders from.

In the final analysis, John Deasy has done his job of moving an ever increasing number of LAUSD schools into charters in fulfillment of the privatization agenda, while carrying on a purge against costly high seniority teachers, through Reductions in Forces (RIFs), displacements, and housing and ultimately dismissing them on false charges. There is no doubt that he has exceed the expectations of his handlers at the Broad Academy, where he was trained. But in the process of doing this, he has become too visible, so now it is time for him to take one for the team and move on. One should always keep in mind that Deasy was never his own man. Rather, he was put into office by those seeking the privatization and monitizing of the $1 trillion a year public education cash cow.

And who knows, given the short memory of the LAUSD Board and the general public, we should not be surprised if, like Cortines, who has already done two stints at LAUSD, we find Deasy's smiling face at some point in the future before the Board to yet again be considered for the position of LAUSD superintendent.

leonard isenberg

Leonard Isenberg