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Liberal School Reform

Liberal School Reform

Keep the pressure on.

Make Duncan, Gates, Obama, The Clintons and other so called liberals etc realize their " Education Reforms" have failed miserably and have lost public support.

Swarm them every opportunity you get, via email, on twitter, in social media. Bombard them with the evidence of their own failure. And warn them of the political consequences of adhering to failed and unpopular policies.

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The pressure is working. They are feeling it. On Testing. On Charters. On Common Core. On Union Busting and Attacks on Tenure and Due Process.

Smash the linkage between "liberalism" and School Reform

And above all remind them that a War on Teachers is not a War on Poverty.

We have enough problems with Conservatives trying to dismantle public education entirely.


We don't need Liberals doing the same thing under a different name.

Mark Naison
With A Brooklyn Accent