Edwards The Confessor vs. McCain’s Ongoing Philandering

cindy.gifFrankly, for decades my view is that if someone wants to fool around on their spouse, it’s their business and we should all butt out. Even presidential candidates are entitled to a sliver of privacy. But we live in an age that craves mixing its puritanical attitude about sex with a voyeuristic demand for celebrity gossip: Don’t have sex but if you do, we want all the gory details.

So it’s not surprising that cable news outlets were obsessed on Thursday and Friday with a two year old story about John Edwards’ affair with a campaign staffer. It should have ended with Edwards’ heart-felt confession Friday night that he had, indeed, slept with Rielle Hunter, who directed video production for Edwards’ political action committee. Sadly – but not surprisingly – the story lingered into the weekend with cable’s talking heads musing like the idiots they are, dithering over how the news would affect Obama’s candidacy.

Needless to say, given much of the media’s gentle handholding of John McCain, no major media outlet ever linked the Edwards story to John McCain’s long-time habit of sleeping around on his various wives. After all, he began an affair with Cindy while still married to his former wife; knowing his proclivities may explain why Cindy barely lets him out of her sight since he began running for president.

Even still, in February, new stories of his on-going philandering appeared when reports showed up in The New York Times and elsewhere about McCain sleeping around on Cindy with lobbyist-cum-campaign staffer Vicki Iserman.

Now, new information indicates that Iserman is not the only fling McCain has indulged in while married to Cindy, including at least one that he had since locking up the Republican nomination months ago.

“It happens when Cindy returns to Phoenix for a few days,” a well-placed former McCain campaign advisor told me by phone on Aug. 10. “I know for certain he spent at least two different nights with a 30-something campaign worker because I saw the Secret Service trying to hide the woman when she left McCain’s suite around five one morning and they hustled her back to her own room.”

The Secret Service said it does not comment on security arrangements.

But the man’s account is supported by at least one additional, knowledgeable person who confirmed the incident by e-mail.

“It’s the fighter pilot mentality,” this person wrote in explaining McCain’s attitude about sleeping around. “They think they’re invincible and can get away with anything.”

Both sources requested and were given promises of anonymity in exchange for being interviewed.

charley-james.jpgDuring reporting for this post, it was impossible to verify numerous other accounts of McCain’s one night stands over the past two years. Reportedly, some of the travelling press corps on the Straight Talk Express jet knew of at least two other incidents.

The point is why do journalists feel that the sexual peccadilloes of Democrats – Bill Clinton comes first to mind – are fair game are waiting for McCain to be caught with a prostitute before giving equal time to his romps between the sheets?

by Charley James

Charley James is an American journalist, author and essayist who lives in Toronto.

Reprinted with permission from The Progressive Curmudgeon.


  1. ladyatlaw says

    People get ready..the press is about to strip Palin butt naked and reveal her anger and jealousy of black men..and women..Remember she got where she is by doing dirty things

  2. Beth says


    I agree with you on the way Obama looks at his wife, and he seems to treat her with respect also, and his children.

    One aspect that has turned me off on McCain is the way he never seems to really look at his wife, and now that she is on stage with him more often in the last month or so, they don’t seem “warm together.

    I get the impression that Cindy McCain, like many older politicians wives I see, has gotten used to being the second banana, trotted out when it is necessary, but overlooked in private.

    She is the old time “typical Republican wife, show up when needed, look well dressed, smile, and try to be careful about what she says.

    I can fully understand how she may have had a drug dependency problem years ago,(and who knows if she still does)

    Many political wives in this town drink a bit too much,(like Ted Kennedy’s former wife Joan, long before their divorce) take a few too many tranq’s, (as did Betty Ford and Cindy McCain)to be able to cope with their political husbands, and many end up getting cheated on or divorced by their husbands.

    I have never felt McCain in the last 10 years was still enthralled by Cindy, if he ever really loved her, or he just needed her Fathers money to further his goals, and the fact she happened to be classy looking was a bonus to the marriage.

    I believe the story I heard from the media and Utube, about him calling Cindy a cunt on the campaign trail, it sure sounds like him.

    Wives, girlfriends, mistresses, and now running mate, McCain does not seem like he really has respected any women, he uses them for his needs totally.

    In an strange way I feel sorry for Palin, I would not want to be in her shoes if they win, having to work with him. And if he does not win, he will drop and ignore her, because he has no further use.

    • Melissa says

      You know, one thing that I saw on a blog and wish that the media would investigate is the statement that adultery by an officer in the Navy was a court-martial offense. I really wonder how that was swept under the rug if it violated military regulations. Maybe someone out there knows the answer to this.

  3. Beth says

    I was born in Washington DC,and have lived within 10 miles of the White House, across the Potomac River in Northern Va all my life.

    This area is the bedroom community of most of the Senators, Congress, Supreme Court Justices, all the Government and White House workers, and some former Presidents for a while.

    My parents were VERY active in politics, and when I became a teenager, seeing all the dinner parties, fundraisers, and listening to a lot of these officials, I decided never to work on the Hill, White House or any Federal agency.

    Seeing the real side of the political wheeling and dealing, which many on the Hill enjoy, and the “flyer pilot” seat of your pants attitude, that others besides McCain express in private life, made me a cynic at an early age.

    The truth is MOST of the elected men have fooled around on their wives once they get to this town, many stretch the truth more then they ever have in their lives to “protect” the President, the Senator, the Congressman, the judge, etc.

    It is a strange town, not as dull as sometimes one would be led to believe. Ugly men that could not score a date much less sex in Podunk, now have power, and they take advantage of their position.

    I have lost most respect for the majority of lobbyists,CEO’s, Senators, Congressmen, and Presidents in this town. They are more concerned about their “egos” then running the country right.

    The one thing that does amaze me, is how the media gives most a “pass” on any sexual hanky panky. A guy is cheating on his wife and it is kept under wraps, a “private” matter.

    I don’t agree. I have seen these guys close up. I would not want to be McCains wife or mistress or have him run my country, he lives too much on the edge and takes too many risks……

    Many people who live here know what is going on. But we don’t want any problems by opening our mouths.

    People outside this area wonder why it takes the National Enguirer to break these few stories. Even they should be looking over their shoulders.

    I am probably voting for Obama, if I don’t vote for Nader. Those two guys are innocents compared to McCain.

    • says


      Thirty years ago, I lived for a couple of years on Capitol Hill, tending bar at a place called The Dubliner and another one up on Pennsylvania Avenue.

      I got a taste of what you’re talking about. A fair number of of the patrons at those places and a couple others I frequented were Congressional aides, functionaries in the various Federal agencies, and even a few Congressmen.

      (In fact, one up-and-coming Southern governor stashed his girlfriend around the corner from one place I worked. Gennifer with a “G” would come in sometimes and bemoan the fact that the “Govnah” hadn’t made it to town lately.)

      I was chagrined at how little of their conversation centered on anything having to do with the people’s interest or what good they might do with their positions.

      Far more of their time was spent on drugs, sex, and money-making deals. But more than the drugs or the sex or the money-making, it was the hypocrisy that turned me off from all things political (beyond voting) for a number of years.

      One of the appealing things about Barack Obama as a candidate and future president is his relationship with Michelle. They actually look at each other when they talk to each other. You can tell they’ve got something going on — even after all the years of their marriage.

  4. Ruth Kocisko, Sioux Center, IA says

    Why does McCain reportedly have affairs, even since his candidacy for president? I think it’s because he has always put “Country First.” (I put “family first,” as a widowed mom of 2 teenagers. I wouldn’t want to do anything that would hurt the ones I am closest to.) If John McCain had put family first, he wouldn’t have left his disabled wife for a younger, prettier and richer woman who could enhance his political career. So “country first” is just a cover for blind ambition. “Country” is also too broad a source of motivation; don’t most soldiers die for their buddies?? McCain was sore over losing to Bush in 2000, due to Rove tactics. Now he is adopting them himself. It’s time to cut through the facade. It isn’t “Straight Talk,” but a shell game.
    On the other hand, Obama has a good relationship with his wife, respects her, and probably respects all women. I bet (unlike Palin) he doesn’t call women “bitches.” I’ll vote for him for many reasons.

  5. Joe says

    Wow! I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran and not much scares me, but this election scares the hell out of me. McCain has a terrible voting record when it comes to Veterans issues and I believe he is a loose cannon. He claims to not have PTSD. When someone goes threw what he has been threw he has to have some form of it. I have it and I can tell you it takes one to know one. He has it! I am also concerned about Palin she strikes me as a Loose cannon also. It is hard to fight against religous fundamentalism, because they are basing there vote on there belief in there god and what he wants. It’s all predicated on fath. That scares me because many people in the world have and will be distroyed because of it.I hope the Obama gets in office.

    • Dick Price says

      Joe: I get a disability pension coming out of Vietnam, too. I agree that McCain looks like someone who hasn’t made peace with his wartime experiences. That’s probably doubly hard in his case as he’s built a whole lifelong career around that — and not much else.

  6. Janice says


  7. Evelyn Goodman says

    It would seem to me that it is a no brainer as to which pair are the most competent, and who would REALLY turn this country around for the better, but my concern is that the voting situation may make the outcome a “done deal” for the worse of the two.
    God help us, PLEASE!!

  8. Evelyn Goodman says

    I agree that there should be no question as to the qualifications, (or lack thereof) of the two candidates, (four, actually), but even if the vote is overwhelmingly for Obama/Biden, my concern is that the voting situation is still so corrupted that it won’t matter how many votes go to Obama/Biden, it will still turn up McCain/Palin.
    God help us, PLEASE!

    • D in Dallas says

      Evelyn, you asked the right source. God is in the business of answering prayers, so keep praying (as are we all), even for the non-believers. And perhaps this quote I got from one of my church publications will help you, as it has me, “BELIEF is always

  9. yolanda says

    i’m just sick to my stomach to know that some americans are still dumb and believe whatever they want to believe: true or false. as bad off as this country is, regardless of the color of skin that the democratic presidential nominee is….how could anyone ever VOTE FOR ANOTHER REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT?? history shows who benefits from doing so. George w bush has the lowest approval rating of any president ever and mccain has the same beliefs as bush yet and still polls reflect that people are still voting republican. it’s a no brainer what directions we should be going in….are we that dumb??

    • sean says

      Unfortunately, there seem to be ALOT of Americans in this country who try to deny the very clear truth that we all have had to endure over that last 8 years. I know it sounds like a broken record but it is unbelievable when I see the same facts about Bush, Cheney, Rove, Palin, and McCain and some Americans STILL don’t get it.

    • terri says

      looks that way… absolutely! unbelievable! the education quality of this country is really paying off… didn’t “W” screw with that too??? “no child left behind act” Keeps everyone dumb

    • SUSIE says

      I want to say this, that we as American’s should (1) seek GOD’S
      face as it is written,look up and live.
      Seek GOD and live, why lie to our self,

  10. patbingham says

    I’ve rarely voted republican for president, but McCain is one of the few that I would have previously considered for the post– (Including R’s like Hagel and others).

    But, his selection of the lipsticked pit bull definately rule out that pair. We’ve had enough faith baiting, wedge driving crap the last eight years. This person would be a heart beat away from the presidency, with the oldest guy in history taking his oath if elected.

    Where are Obama supporters (Richardson, Leahy, and many other reputable Americans) while all this looney crap is playing out???

    Enough ignorance (“Uh, I don’t know who the president of Russia is…from our own ‘W’)

    Enough incompetence (“Nice job Brownie”…from our own’W’)

    Enough corruption (how about Abramoff, ‘Duke’ Cunningham, and all the K street criminals)

    Ohhhh, sorry guys, gotta go…John Hagge is asking me for $$ and promising eternal salvation….

  11. says


    • Dave says

      Wow Bill, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone put together a more grammatically incorrect and ill-conceived response. I thought the all caps posting has been out of fashion since the late 1990’s but you’ve proved me wrong.

      Maybe be McCain and Palin just think your stupid so don’t vote for them.

  12. The Juice says

    Seriously? Nothing but anonymous sources? In ANY of your articles? The stories that Obama is a muslim have far, far more attribution than this – can we assume you’ll be “proving” that, too?

    It’s fitting, I suppose, that the supporter of the least substantial Presidential candidate in history would launch attacks that are equally empty of substance.

  13. Haniel says

    If McCain wins, the first rat-bastard that tells me to “get out of America” better be ready to pony-up for a passport and plane ticket!

  14. chatala says

    I hope a big news like this carried by mainstream media becomes very public one week before the election – and if Mccain wins i am moving back to Sulawesi.

  15. Cardin Drake says

    How come when you google Charley James, you can’t find anything older than a month. This guy is supposed to be a writer for 40 years.
    What the hell did he write? Is this just a made-up name so he could do the hit piece on Palin?

    • IR says

      I don’t get why the hell you argue about his work. If he’s been a writer for 40 years, I don’t know, MAYBE HE USED A DIFFERENT NAME? And yea he can type up whatever he wants and invent a source, but did you ever think that people are willing to talk but don’t want to be published for personal reasons?

  16. Lou R says

    McCain is simply a piece of untrustworthy work! Has anyone noticed how identical McCain’s recent comments have been to the Obama’s longtime theme of change? Idea thief! Also all the labeling by the McCain campaign has done about celebrity and they get one of their own? Pastes! The only change McCain is seeking is a residential name change at The White House: George & Dick change to John & Sara. CHANGE WE CANNOT STAND FOR!!!

  17. Micahel says

    All I can say is, if Cindy was keeping me up to the tune of millions per year, I’d be as loyal as the team mascot to the team. Besides that, she’s not bad looking herself. Just my opinion.

  18. says

    I think it’s time for McCain to add the Beach Boys’ parody, “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran”. The title? Elvis’s famous, “Viva, Viva, Viagra”.

  19. mary says

    People are going to vote for a man who openly demeans his wife and has unresolved anger management issues. Why? This is better than stomaching a Black president to some I guess. What a twisted world.

  20. seedyrum says

    The world is watching

    Let’s say it like it is

    MSM is intimidated by the Republicans. As I watch OReilly and Hannity, they huff and puff and yell and scream at their guests or whomever doesn’t say what those two want said.

    Funny, how The Republicans chastized Democrats if their children get pregnant without benefit of marriage before hand but want sympathy if Republicans’ children do the same.

    Hannity will drill on a subject to anger his audience or until MSM picks up the story.

    Democrats need to become more vindictive play the game by Republicans rules anything goes until all are dead.

    Republicans accuses Democrats of being liberal well I suppose Bush wasnt liberal with all the federal giveaways he gave his cronies.

    Republican dont want regular hourly workers to benefit from their taxes but want the business communites to get corporate welfare.

    Republican dont want to pay taxes any taxes at all fine great dandy but they shouldnt expect tax payers money to help them out of financial disasters as Paulsen is thinking of doing. Let them fail no bank is too big to fail.

    Republicans believe in free enterprise and deregulation by the deregulation got the financial markets, mortgages, credits and whatever else in the abysmal shape now.

    IF MSM would really do its job and report on McCain’s philandering as well as his lies, misstatements, forgetfulness, mischaracterizations and the list goes on, this race wouldnt be close. They are either keeping silent to cause a close race for the ratings or the Republicans are blackmailing the MSM into keeping the Americans uninformed.

    • Haniel says

      Yep, repugnant economic policy: Privatize and crony-ize the profits and socialize the losses. Welfare for Fanny and Freddy is a prime example.

  21. flyboy1945 says

    Let`s see how long he can keep his hands off the pitt bull wearing lipstick. Her “Sambo beat the bitch comment when Obama won primaries says a lot about her and about McCain`s jugment. I hope all comes out before the election. All Sarah Palin needs is more power, she will divide and destroy our country as we know it

    • E. DeLuna says

      He will probably get all turned on by her “Sambo” comment. These people are both very sick and very dangerous. If they are elected, that is proof that there is no god.

      • fe says

        I would like to consider myself a true believer and follower of God. I can see from your comment you don’t really know the other god – the devil. He is the one you have alighed yourself with when you say there is no God. And when you say that, he really likes it and would ike you to spread that message.

        If McCain and Palin win, it is to teach the democrats (who have been cheated 2x in an election (the first GWB win from Florida State and the 2nd GWB win from Ohio state) their lesson. The democrat leaders think they are more compassionate than God and would like to have homosexuals get married because they think they understand love more than God. The democrat leaders also like to give women the choice to abort or keep their baby because they think they should have the right to choose and that they know better than God when it comes to people’s rights in this world.

        Does God care about people? yes He does but if He has to use the devil to teach His people, then He’ll do that. People who don’t trust and obey God have to learn from their own mistakes if they cannot be taught by the laws of God. The GOPs are a bunch of hypocrites using God for political gains. The democrat leaders with their values, policies and agendas all go against God’s commandments and they think they can still win. They act like the Pharaoh fighting against God’s messenger Moses and what happened to the pharaoh? Did he ever win in his battle with Moses? No, sir! So as much as God does not like the GOP hypocrites, if He has to use them to teach the Democrats their lesson, then that’s what He does. And if you can’t see the lessons to be learned, then I really feel sorry for you and the democrats.

        • Drewkowski says

          Sorry buddy. Whether your paragraph is longer or not – there is still no god. None at all.

          Additionally, Jesus never existed. He is a myth that was cooked up by sheepherders in the bronze age. The myth did not even stick the first time, as there is an earlier story of Jesus that says he was crucified under Herod. It did not work that time, so the next time, he was born under Herod and killed by Pilate.

          Same myth, different audience.

          But there sure as hell isn’t a god. Or a devil.

          Unless you count McCain.


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