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Kentucky Democratic senate hopeful Alison Lundergan Grimes apologized for arriving about an hour late for her election eve rally in Paducah.

Alison Lundergan Grimes Makes History

I know you had to wait for us to get here,” she told the crowd of about 300 Team Switch partisans who jammed the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 184 hall Monday morning.

“It was worth it!” a guy yelled. The candidate grinned and added, “Good things are worth waiting for, like going on to get rid of Mitch McConnell.”

The throng laughed, clapped, cheered and whistled.

“We’ve got 24 hours to make what I know is within our grasp,” declared the Democrat who wants Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell’s job.

“Trust me, Mitch McConnell wouldn’t be spending like he is if he weren’t so scared. He has spent $53 million, not just against me, but against each and every one of you, trying to tell this state that if we give him another six years on top of the 30 he’s already had -- that’s moving in a new direction.

“Do you buy it?”

Grimes looked at 92-year-old Democratic activist Hazel Demaree and asked her if she was better off with Mitch McConnell in the Senate for 30 years. “No!” she and the crowd responded in unison.

“No!” her fans chorused.

“He wants us to believe that we can’t live without his seniority because somehow we are all so much better off.”

Grimes looked at 92-year-old Democratic activist Hazel Demaree and asked her if she was better off. “No!” she and the crowd responded in unison.

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“Seniority might be worth something if Mitch McConnell weren’t up for sale to the highest bidder,” Grimes suggested.

The candidate claimed her opponent “couldn’t get any more desperate.” She said McConnell is “trying put Barack Obama on the ballot.”

In addition, She denounced the McConnell campaign’s controversial flier marked “ELECTION VIOLATION NOTICE” on the outside, claiming it amounted to voter suppression.

On the inside, the mailer accused Grimes of putting out “fraudulent information” to voters. Grimes said the flier was designed to frighten people away from the polls. Her campaign filed an injunction to stop it.

“Fear is what you run on when you are out of touch and out of ideas,” she said, adding that the mailer “is the lowest of the low.”

She concluded: “This is what we are up against….Trust me this is going to be a photo finish." McConnell wouldn't be spending "like he is spending – he is writing himself a $1.8 million check – and paying people to show up and act enthusiastic…and using scare tactics and voter intimidation tactics” if he was sure he would win.

berry craig

She urged the crowd to turn out big and vote. “We are 24 hours from making history,” said Grimes, whose Paducah entourage included Gov. Steve Beshear, who spoke briefly, former Gov. Martha Layne Collins and House Speaker Greg Stumbo.

Emcee Larry Sanderson, a retired UA international representative, also reminded rally-goers to also vote for other labor-endorsed candidates, including a quintet of Democrats running for the state legislature. They are Reps. Gerald Watkins of Paducah and Will Coursey of Symsonia, House hopefuls Jesse Wright of Mayfield and Jarrod Jackson of Princeton, and Jeff Parker of Paducah, who is seeking a state Senate seat.

Grimes’ appearance in Paducah was the fourth stop on a nine-city airplane jaunt across Kentucky.

Berry Craig

Before landing in Paducah, she was in Pikeville, Somerset and Bowling Green. After Paducah, she barnstormed in Owensboro, Newport, Maysville, Louisville and finally Lexington, where she lives.

Berry Craig