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As I write this, I am looking across the water at Canada, a country that does not want anything to do with Americans, diseased as we are, thanks to Trump. Today, Americans are 21.5 times more likely to contract the COVID-19 disease than Canadians.

As Trump Fiddles

They don’t want us, and have extended the Canadian Wall until at least August. The European Union has erected an EU Wall, many Asian countries have forbidden entry from the U.S., even for their own citizens, and Mexico is rumored to be erecting its own wall along our Southern border.

And “Nero” Trump sits in the White House, finally masked on occasion, saying “Be calm. All is well. Back to work. Go outside and play.” And the Old Farts in Florida, Texas and Arizona do just that, obeying their Master. And dying…

The Reign of Nero

And “Nero” Trump sits in the White House, finally masked on occasion, saying “Be calm. All is well. Back to work. Go outside and play.”

Nero was the Roman emperor from AD54 to AD68, the last ruler of the Julio-Claudian Roman dynasty. Nero ascended to the throne at age 16, aided by his mother Agrippina (who was the sexually pervert Emperor Caligula’s sister), until he had her killed five years later. Caligula had been stabbed to death after a four year reign, and was succeeded as Emperor by Claudius, who was later poisoned by his wife Agrippina so that her son Nero could become Emperor.

Nero’s reign was tyrannical and riddled with extravagance, and he was regarded by the Roman people as compulsive and corrupt. Many Romans believed that the Great Fire of Rome in the year AD64 was instigated by Nero to clear the way for his planned palatial complex. Thus arose the phrase “Nero fiddled as Rome burned”. Nero, looking for scapegoats, seized Christians and burned them alive, crucified them, or “threw them to the beasts”.

Nero was generally regarded as incompetent, a ruler who panicked when he had to make decisions during times of crisis. In AD62, Nero called for the treason trial of rival Antistius Sosianus, and had two other rivals executed. He divorced his wife Octavia on the grounds of infertility and banished her, and in AD64 married Pythagoras, a former slave. She supposedly died in childbirth in AD65, and in AD67, he married Sporus, a young boy who resembled his wife, had him castrated, and tried to make a woman out of him.

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In AD68, Nero began to lose support in the Roman Senate, and on the run, he took his own life at age 30 with the assistance of his private secretary. The result was the Year of the Four Emperors, a period of civil war leading to great social, military and political upheavals.

The Emperor Trump

If Nero’s life seems to look a little like what is happening in America today, that is exactly what I am trying to present: Trump is fiddling as America dies of the virus. What began as a noble experiment in Democracy almost 250 years ago is disintegrating under the corrupt and incompetent rule of Trump. The American citizens are getting restless; they want Trump to go away.

Hitler had his Reichstag fire; what will Trump do in the next 3.5 months to ensure that his reign continues? Start a war with Iran, China or North Korea? Invade Venezuela? Indict Biden and/or Obama for treason? Pardon himself and seize power?

This brings up the question: if Trump loses the election, will he leave office? There is no provision for this in the Constitution: if he loses to Biden on November 3, and his defeat is confirmed by the outdated Electoral College when it meets in early December, his Presidency would be over on January 21, 2021.

Trump’s only remedy would be to seize power with the help of the military, which I do not believe would support his coup attempt. The military hates him, especially after the Afghan “bounty” incident, and the earlier removal of U.S. forces from the Turkish-Syrian border area to allow Erdogan and the Russians to occupy the territory and massacre the Kurds.


Led by Biden and Nancy Pelosi, the military would forcibly remove Trump and his sycophants from the White House, and he would end up like Nero, abandoned and with no friends, only enemies.


Ted Vaill