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In the New York closed primary fiasco this past Thursday, the final vote was:

Bernie Obliterates Hillary

Add Independents, Bernie Obliterates Hillary in New York—John M. Bachar, Jr.

Clinton 1,054,083 57.9%
Sanders 763,460 42.1%

However, this result is far from the end of the shabby story.

Since the primary was closed, since there are 3.2 million independent voters in New York, and since 14% of these re-registered as Democrats to vote in the primary, that left 86% who were barred from voting. Since it is well known from sampling independent voters in many states, including New York, that 72% favor Sanders, it follows that 0.86 x 3,200,000 x 0.72 = 1,981,440 votes would accrued to Sanders if this group had been allowed to vote. At most 28% (= 770,560 votes) would have gone to Clinton. This, if we include these votes with the results listed above, the final tally would have been:

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Clinton 1,824,642 39.9%
Sanders 2,744,900 60.1%

The 2015 nationwide Gallup poll of registered voters showed that 43% are Independent, 30% are Democrats, and 28% are Republicans.

It is well known that Clinton is slightly more favored among regular Democrats, who are more status-quo, establishment oriented than the much larger group of Independents, a huge majority of which abandoned the Democratic Party in search of critically-needed change.

In view of all of this, why on Earth would Clinton ever ache for an open primary?

John M. Bachar, Jr.
Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, California State University Long Beach