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MoveOn, a very powerful progressive organization, supported Elizabeth Warren for president until a few days ago, when it folded its “Run Warren Run” campaign. The question now is whether it will support someone else. Like Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders and MoveOn

To that end, John Schoonover promoted a petition, on MoveOn, asking MoveOn to support Bernie Sanders. He filed it on May 1. By mid May, he had 811 signatures. Then on May 31, MoveOn folded its Run Warren campaign, and the petition went into high gear. It jumped from less than 6000 on June 2 to nearly 9500 on June 7.

If MoveOn supports Sanders, that will be a big step. It will, in effect, take away from Hillary Clinton’s contention that she is a progressive and will give a big boost to Sanders’ campaign.

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At this point, no one can tell whether Sanders is going to continue to move up in the polls and Hillary down. Clearly, she is dropping slowly. He’s gaining traction in Iowa, even as she continues to have problems with voters.

In the end, a lot of this is going to be about money. Hillary clearly has plenty of it. While Bernie Sanders has a lot of enthusiastic support, at some point he’s going to need large sums of money to pay for organizers and advertising. So the question will be where that money will come from and, if it comes from very wealthy people, whether he can accept it.


Michael T. Hertz