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The primary season is over. Much that we had high hopes for Bernie, he did not win – not unless it turns out that there was an insane amount of fraud by Hillary in California, which is always possible. (I'm dubious about some of the claims, although I worked as a poll worker this year and can attest the there were a very large number of provisional ballots that had to be issued. Furthermore, the voter records were really screwed up).

Sanders Legislative Agenda

As Bernieites, what should we be doing?

First and foremost, I think, we should be consolidating our primary efforts as volunteers into a solid, third-party base. This does not mean that we will abandon the Democrats right now, but we should be perfectly ready to become independent, join the Greens, or take whatever steps that are needed to keep the Revolution alive and moving forward. Look at #Movement4Bernie, now with 114,000 signing petitioners. This movement wants to make Bernieites into an ongoing, third-party movement, and I'm all for that. What we do in 2016 is still up for grabs, but the long term is still out there.

Second, let us not forget that the Republican convention will convene in Cleveland on July 18 and end on July 21. Although the assumption is that Trump will prevail, anything can happen. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a large Bernie turnout to protest Trump's nomination.

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The one thing that Bernie has going for him is boots on the ground, and I wouldn't be surprised to see 100,000 marchers or more in Philadelphia.

Third, we need to organize, organize, organize for the Democratic National Convention. The one thing that Bernie has going for him is boots on the ground, and I wouldn't be surprised to see 100,000 marchers or more in Philadelphia. In fact, I hope it's more like 400,000 marchers, telling the Democratic establishment every day that they are utter fools to nominate Hillary when the energy is behind Bernie.

Fourth, and this goes with the third point above, anything can happen and probably will. I don't think that the emails will sink Hillary, but that could happen. I firmly believe that Bernie should keep running. No one knows whether Trump will get votes or not. In a three-way race, will the votes be split evenly? Or will one of the candidates sink to the bottom? It's hard to know. I've already suggested strongly that Bernie should keep running. Even if he has to bow out to keep Trump from winning, such a gesture would demonstrate that his Revolution is honorable and the opposition is not.

Fifth, the Bernieites need to keep advancing Bernie's platform: the $15 minimum wage; the end to Citizens United; improving Social Security; busting up the big banks. Pick one and work on it. Several years ago, I wrote a satire about our horrible healthcare system. I looked into the near future (the year 2036) and predicted that the cost of medical care would become so high that Congress would authorize “open season” on seniors over age 95. Health insurance companies would hire “dispatchers” to bump off geezers with “likwid8ors”. (For a quick video, see here.). I've decided to promote this story through Kickstarter and various Bernie Sanders Facebook pages. And I'm going to start working for single-payer health insurance, which I see as the only solution to our unfair and ill-managed healthcare system.

I hope that every Bernie supporter will pick an issue and start working on it. This is the only way to make the Revolution go forward: by working.


Michael Hertz