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On behalf of the almost 5000 signers of the petition and as author of the petition, I today emailed Election Justice USA the offer for them to please join our efforts in asking New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the Civil Rights Bureau in his Executive Office to move forward with requesting a Federal Court for ordering a new Primary.

Bernie Winning

Bernie Winning Fair and Square Without Vote Theft—Stephen Fox:

Election Justice USA's New York suit was launched after 125,000 were denied vote when this courageous and incisive advocacy group sued the state's board of elections over systematic electoral irregularities in New York's Democratic primary.

Clearly, Election Justice USA (formed immediately after the Arizona primary), plus Bernie's campaign lawyer Brad Deutsch, and certainly New York AG Schneiderman and the Civil Rights Bureau in his Executive Office, all together would have powerful standing in the level of federal court appropriate to order that a new election be done with adequate safeguards to protect voter rights.

New York Attorney General Erick Schneiderman should ask for the participation of Jimmy Carter's organization, plus UN Observers, plus FBI computer forensic experts. 

Specifically, what level of safeguards? Schneiderman should ask for the participation of Jimmy Carter's organization, plus UN Observers, plus FBI computer forensic experts. These together would all be vital to insuring that it would be a fair and non-hijacked election with so many purged and stolen votes, with a minimum of 150,000 purged from Brooklyn alone.

This should also be done AT LEAST for Arizona, perhaps simultaneously.

All New Yorkers, especially those who were disenfranchised, must be given a new primary. About doing over the disgraceful New York primary, this news from Albany must not wait for Californians and those in the remaining states with primaries to learn about in detail. California's primary must be an awesome landslide to give Bernie the White House, after he beats Donald Trump.

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Our petition needs media and press coverage to advance, much like a newborn child needs a breath of fresh air to survive. Please help with this.

The New York Primary a few weeks ago was the most crooked hijacked primary in American history with its unprecedented disenfranchisements, so both Federal and New York Civil Rights Statutes make this actionable. The Civil Rights Bureau of the New York Attorney General's Executive Office is exactly where our petition should be.

[There is video evidence of voter fraud in the 2016 Illinois primary as well. "The Chicago Board of Elections has confirmed the existence of video evidence showing voter machines erasing votes during the primary elections. This is incredibly disturbing news and puts on full display the voting fraud which runs rampant in the United States." “Electronic voting machine paper record indicated had been cast, showed that Bernie Sanders had gotten 223 votes and that Hillary Clinton had gotten 46 less” .]

Similarly, in Delaware: Election Fraud Watch 2016, from Washington Post, also showing vote "flipping" in New York.

Here is the petition. I hope you will share it widely again and again!


Please read the compilation of the comments of the signers of our petition, URL at end of article "Don't Let What Happened in New York Happen to You."

Stephen Fox