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Stow your wives! Hide your children! Big Bad Bernie is back. And the sort of sensationalism that his announcement has been met with by trolls like Drudge really isn't much different than the horrified reaction coming from myriad Democratic clusters. Beware the attack of feared Bernie Bros!

big bad bernie

I am not sure what non or anti-Bernie Dems are all upset about just because the most popular candidate in their field has officially declared. Relax, he's going to be in a field of 15 or 20 people and the voters will sort it all out. But there are still some millions of dumb Dems who think Bernie lost the 2016 election and not, in reality, Ms. Clinton. And consequently everything is HIS fault. LOL.

I am supporting Bernie. No, I don't believe he is the Messiah. Not for a moment do I believe he is the harbinger of some great revolution. Nor is he anywhere perfect. To my mind he is simply the most attractive, the most honest, and the most consequential of candidates. He is also leading the entire field—except for Biden who continues to profit from his high name recognition. I believe, quite dispassionately, he has the best chance of taking the most electoral votes. And, by the way, he has radically shifted the center of gravity and has helped rejuvenate an otherwise ossified and feckless Democratic Party.

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In no way is his path open and clear. Hard to say who else might take off in the coming months. Or if he wIll…though raising 3 million bucks in the first couple of hours of his announcement is hard to ignore. And we KNOW that other Dems and some of their supporters are going to spend a lot of time and energy sliming Bernie as a socialist, a spoiler, an old white man and a wrecker. Oh yeah, and now there's the murmurs that some 2016 staffers were harassed and Bernie ignored it. In other words, Bernie is the elderly, white cis gender supremacist who doesn't understand 'pragmatic" politics and refuses to mimic the empty bromides of his peers.

Bottom line, for all their chattering about how Trump undermines democracy, looks like a lot of Democrats aren't that excited about real democracy either. Many of these folks are are going to latch onto this or that other candidate as our national savior and will hotly denounce Sanders as an evil spoil sport and demand that he…and who knows who else—will be called on to get out!

coops scoop

Too bad. I'm with Bernie till or unless I see something better and so far I do NOT. If you don't like it, take a number, get in line, and be patient to get your turn at kissing my rosie red tuchas.

marc cooper

Marc Cooper