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In a poll of the Bernie DNC delegation from California, the state with the largest delegation to the presidential nominating conventionover 94% of those voting favored three progressive Vice Presidential nominees with a record of challenging militarism and perpetual war:

CA DNC Delegates to Biden

Barbara Lee, Nina Turner, Karen Bass

  • Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), Co-Founder, Congressional Progressive Caucus
  • Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, National Co-Chair, Sanders for President
  • Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA), Chair, Congressional Black Caucus

In an Open Letter to Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for President, CA Bernie Sanders DNC delegates said Democrats must choose an exceptional candidate who represents the nation’s diversity, and who will both inspire the millions who did not vote in 2016, as well as lead the United States into a new era with Medicare for All, the Green New Deal and a commitment to demilitarize the police and foreign policy.

Such policies contrast with Biden's positions on health care, climate change and militarism.

Grassroots activists said they support Lee or Turner or Bass for VP to divest from war and policing to re-invest in robust public education, single-payer health care, affordable and supportive housing and economic opportunity in marginalized communities.

The presumptive nominee supports expanding the Affordable Care Act with a Public Option, not replacing private for-profit health insurance with a national health care system premium-free, untethered to employment, and paid from a single fund.

On climate change, Biden most recently said he envisions carbon-free electrification by 2035 with a $2 trillion investment, though backers of the Green New Deal argue Biden is unwilling to support bans on fracking and new oil drilling, prerequisites to meeting those environmental goals.

On militarism, Biden has recruited a team of hawkish foreign policy advisors, such as his former senate foreign policy aide Nicholas Burns and former Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken, both of whom pushed for the disastrous U.S. invasion of Iraq. Also on Biden's foreign policy team are Arvil Haines, former CIA Deputy Director in the Obama administration, who drew up kill lists for drone operators targeting the Middle East, and Samantha Powers, a former member of the National Security Council who, together with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, persuaded Obama to intervene militarily in Libya and who supported U.S. weapons sales to Saudi Arabia for its war on Yemen, a country where, according to Human Rights Watch, 14-million were at risk of starvation in 2019 because of the blockade on imports and humanitarian assistance during constant bombardment.

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In a statement issued by the CA Bernie Sanders delegation, grassroots activists said they support Lee or Turner or Bass for VP to divest from war and policing to re-invest in robust public education, single-payer health care, affordable and supportive housing and economic opportunity in marginalized communities.

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Both Lee and Bass sponsored legislation to repeal the Authorization of Use of Military Force (AUMF) and both have opposed arms sales to Saudi Arabia and bloated U.S. military budgets.

Lee and Bass are also co-sponsors of bills for Medicare for All and a Green New Deal.

As National Co-Chair for the Bernie Sanders for President campaign, Turner travelled the country promoting single-payer health care and legislation for a 10-year national mobilization to transition the nation to carbon-free electrification.

CA DNC Delegate Alfred Twu, a constituent in Lee's Bay Area district, said, "Back in 2001, Barbara Lee was the lone vote against the endless wars in which our country remains stuck. Her commitment to a peaceful, diverse, and fair world is one shared by a majority of Americans and her leadership is what our country and our world need today."

CA DNC Delegate Jeanna Harris, RN, Member, Los Angeles County Democratic Party and constituent in Karen Bass's Los Angeles district said, “This next 4 years will need a very strong team to clean up and undo the damage from the Trump administration. Congresswoman Bass has shown amazing leadership for our district and the Country during these difficult years. She is a key voice in calling for accountability for police departments across the county and is fighting to get people resources and care to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. Her district loves and supports her. She and Nina Turner's bold and outspoken bravery inspire me to continue to fight and show bravery as a Black woman, even when I feel like I am losing hope."

CA DNC Delegate Igor Tregub (CD-13), National Committee Representative, California Young Democrats, and a constituent in Lee’s District said, "Barbara Lee Speaks for Me is a common adage in our district because Congresswoman Lee has a long and respected track record of public service—from her background as a social worker to her many years in Congress and the State Legislature, taking unbought, unbossed, and ultimately successful stands that are always on the right side of history.”

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See attached letter from the CA Bernie Sanders DNC Delegation

Marcy Winograd and Hanieh Jodat Barnes

Marcy Winograd is a 2020 Bernie Sanders Delegate (CA CD-24) to the Democratic National Convention and a former congressional peace candidate.

Hanieh Jodat Barnes is a 2020 Bernie Sanders Delegate (CA CD-45) to the Democratic National Convention and a co-founder of DNC Muslim Delegates and Allies.