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162 days and 3,864 hours of cable news to fill until November 6th are reasons why the general election must remain close. Cable news needs a weekly meme to peddle. Last week the story was Newark Mayor Cory Booker and Bain Capital. The week before that it was same sex marriage. This week’s strong contenders for Sunday talk show are Memorial Day memes: Joe Biden’s frank and emotional talk to military families who lost a loved one and/or the deadlocked do-nothing Congress. Time will tell.

Photo: Pete Souza

Even reliable GOP mouthpiece Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe has been reduced to snarky and sophomoric locker room noises every time Mika Brzezinski zeroed in on President Obama’s winning economic points. Conservative apologists Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei of Politico tried to launch a Friday meme saying the Obama re-election campaign ‘stumbled out of the gate.’ But it fell quickly to ground when people examined the reality: The economy continues to slowly improve and Congress and their right-wing press supporters for inaction out of fear of helping the President get re-elected are the real problems. Disgraced radio shock-jock Rush Limbaugh even advised CEOs on Friday to NOT hire anyone until the election because that could further lower unemployment and lead to an Obama re-election victory. And polls in just one day (conservative Rasmussen) showed Obama losing Florida by six points and (neutral Gallup) had the President winning by four points.

No matter what, Team Obama is ready to fight this fight. Team Romney, like Team McCain before them, ducks interviews out of fear the Governor will say something stupidly out of touch… yet again. Team Romney thought they had weathered the storm by claiming that by attacking Bain Capital, President Obama was attacking capitalism? Alas we’re now seeing that the message of a President needing to respond to all people resonates with those people casting votes. If this was fencing, Obama and Team Chicago deftly brushed Mitt’s epee thrust aside and dove in on his woeful record. Suddenly, Romney was expertly boxed into a corner and having to defend his biggest strength.

My advice for the next 162 days? Step away from the remote control. Ignore daily tracking polls. Tune out the breathless pundits. On 19 December of last year, I predicted a landslide victory for the President if the nominee was Mitt Romney. Mitt’s negatives will continue to grow for one simple reason, the President remains well-liked outside of the ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) fringe whilst out-of-touch, gaffe-prone and unlikeable, Romney loses women by 15%, Hispanics by 40% and African Americans by 90%.

Demographics don’t lie. Polls, pollsters and a desperate 24/7 media machine do.

Even Press Secretary Jay Carney on the Air Force One early morning gaggle enroute to Colorado excoriated the press by saying: “I simply make the point, as an editor might say, to check it out; do not buy into the BS that you hear about spending and fiscal constraint with regard to this Administration. I think doing so is a sign of sloth and laziness.”

Congress and Mitt are being played like a violin by a White House that knows how to play and win this game. You may get right-wing talking point headlines, but the bully pulpit gives this President the chance to dictate the flow of the game with one quote in a NATO press conference.

Team Romney may have found it cute to try and shadow the President with their little bus stopping at campaign events. That will bury them because when you look at a schedule of events for POTUS, VPOTUS and FLOTUS the last three weeks you see a White House on message and taking the fight to the GOP field with a simple message… do something!

Everywhere Air Force One goes, it is an event that dominates the local media. Every time that 20-vehicle motorcade rolls into town, it may block traffic, but everyone knows who’s there and why. If you think you have a busy schedule, here are the four day weekend events of a White House in campaign mode 18-21 May:

Friday, May18, 2012
THE PRESIDENT will deliver remarks Symposium on Global Agriculture & Food Security
Ronald Reagan Building

THE PRESIDENT holds bilateral meeting w President Francois Hollande of France
Oval Office

THE PRESIDENT departs White House en route Camp David
South Lawn

THE PRESIDENT arrives at Camp David
Camp David

THE PRESIDENT greets G8 leaders
Camp David

THE PRESIDENT hosts a welcome reception for G8 leaders
Camp David

THE PRESIDENT hosts a working dinner for G8 leaders
Camp David

Saturday, May 19, 2012
THE PRESIDENT attends the first working session with G8 Leaders
Camp David

THE PRESIDENT takes part in a family photo with G8 Leaders
Camp David

THE PRESIDENT attends the second working session with G8 Leaders
Camp David

THE PRESIDENT attends a working lunch on food security

THE PRESIDENT attends the third working session with G8 Leaders
Camp David

THE PRESIDENT attends the fourth working session with G8 Leaders
Camp David

THE PRESIDENT attends the fifth working session with G8 Leaders
Camp David

THE PRESIDENT delivers a statement
Camp David

THE PRESIDENT departs Camp David en route Joint Base Andrews
Camp David

THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Joint Base Andrews


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THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive Chicago, Illinois
Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Sunday, May 20, 2012
THE PRESIDENT holds a bilateral meeting with President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan
McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois

THE PRESIDENT meets with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen
McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois

THE PRESIDENT takes part in official greeting of North Atlantic Council Leaders
McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois

THE PRESIDENT participates in opening session of the North Atlantic Council
McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois

THE PRESIDENT takes part in a NATO family photo
Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois

THE PRESIDENT attends a NATO working dinner
Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois

Monday, May 21, 2012
THE PRESIDENT participates in Int’l Security Assistance Force Afghan meeting
McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois

THE PRESIDENT takes part in an Int’l Security Assistance Force family photo
McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois

THE PRESIDENT and NATO Secretary General host a Partners Meeting
McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois

THE PRESIDENT holds a press conference
McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois

THE PRESIDENT departs Chicago, IL en route Joplin, MO
Chicago O’Hare International Airport

THE PRESIDENT arrives Joplin, MO
Joplin Regional Airport

7:00 PM (Not on Schedule: POTUS arrived and greeted high school students beforehand)

THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at Joplin High School Commencement
Missouri Southern State University

THE PRESIDENT departs Joplin, MO en route Washington, DC
Joplin Regional Airport


THE PRESIDENT arrives Joint Base Andrews

THE PRESIDENT arrives the White House
South Lawn

And after a day of briefings in the Oval Office upon his return, The President then headed to give the Commencement speech to the Air Force Academy in Colorado on Wednesday, to fundraising events in California that night and came back across the country via Des Moines, Iowa, where he met with wind turbine factory workers. That was his third, cross-country 30-hour trek in as many weeks.

Are you tired yet?

Every event makes him look presidential and reduces the right to doing and saying trivial things. How do you compete with hosting a G-8, NATO and Afghanistan security summit meeting with world leaders, then addressing the nation’s military to thank them for their service without looking petty? Simple, join the far right, radicalised GOP. Then, like a bear convinced to swim across a stream carrying a scorpion on its back, suffer a sting and drown. The GOP will choose petty every time because, like the scorpion knowing he too will drown… they just cannot help themselves.

Having followed this White House directly for the month of May, I counted three days off (all Sundays) and every day whether on or off, he gets a daily intelligence and other briefings. So when the right calls out (and they will) this President for taking 10 days of vacation in Martha’s Vineyard this August, show them this schedule and remind them of the pace this White House maintains every single day. Then show them the GOP Presidents’ vacation schedule, making sure to also remind them that ‘W’ Bush retired to the residence every day at 6 pm sharp.

Mitt Romney won’t know what hit him because all of the money in the world won’t make people like him and man phones on his behalf. It will only buy boatloads of negative adverts that will sicken most voters.

dennis campbell

As the Dems learned in 2004, hate is not a powerful enough motivator. You have to be FOR a candidate. Nobody was as passionately for John Kerry as much as they hated George Bush. And we saw how that ended. Very few, if any, are passionately FOR Romney.

Denis Campbell
UK Progressive

Posted: Sunday, 27 May 212