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In a little more than a week comes the event that will determine who will be the nominee of the Democratic Party—the California primary of June 7th. We have not had a California primary this important since 1968, a primary that selected Robert Kennedy. Unfortunately, instead of the renewal that an RFK presidency might have delivered, the future was stolen with his assassination.

The Youth of California Can Make Bernie Sanders Our Next President—Andy Hsia-Coron

The Youth of California Can Make Bernie Sanders Our Next President—Andy Hsia-Coron

The Party nominated Hubert H. Humphrey, denying the nomination to the second choice of young people, Minnesota Senator Gene McCarthy. Their anger at that year's convention resulted in a riot perpetrated by the Chicago police, the fracturing of the Democratic Party, and the election of one of the most reviled presidents in history, Richard M. Nixon.

In 1972, young people tried to put the country back on course with the nomination of Senator George McGovern. But without the support of establishment Democrats, McGovern lost in a landslide. To prevent the nomination of another very liberal candidate, the party created the superdelegate system, which has contaminated the discourse during Bernie's historic challenge to the party status quo in this election season.

We have been told from the start that these superdelegates will deliver the nomination to Hillary Clinton no matter how much support Bernie Sanders gains. If this turns out to be the case, it would be a profound indictment of the Democratic Party, making it less democratic than the Republican Party. However, it does not have to end this way..

If the state's youth turn out, Bernie will win this state in a lopsided victory. If that happens, the Party could nominate him no matter what Hillary or MSNBC says.

Bernie is in a statistical dead heat in the polls in California. If the state's youth turn out, Bernie will win this state in a lopsided victory. If that happens, the Party could nominate him no matter what Hillary or MSNBC say. However, young people will have to put in the time over the next seven days.

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I just spent the last couple of months collecting signatures for Monterey County's citizens initiative to ban fracking and other high-risk petroleum operations. As I gathered signatures, I spoke to thousands of young people, mostly at three area colleges and at one high school. Here I learned that the youth of California overwhelmingly support Bernie Sanders and that few if any are supporting Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders is the hands-down choice of California's and America's youth. When they vote, they Feel the Bern. Unfortunately many of these Berners do not show up at the polls. Their turnout has been abysmal across the country. Somewhere on the order of 20% of this vital demographic actually votes.

Young people of California, you can and must break that pattern. Here's what you need to do. I am not suggesting that you all run down to the local Bernie headquarters to volunteer in the tired rituals of canvassing homes where nobody is home or phone banking to the land lines of the geriatric. Yet, it wouldn't hurt to call up your own parents and grandparents to tell them why they should vote for Bernie.

More than that, each of you should insure Bernie's landslide victory by developing your own personal canvas and phone bank. Each one of you could identify a 10-person list of your friends containing their names, cell phone numbers, and email addresses. These are folks that have agreed that you will be their motivator and mobilizer and, come hell or high water, they—with your reminder and (harassment if necessary)—will vote on or before June 7th for Bernie. You can call them, text them, email them, go to their homes, drive them to the polls. Get them to vote by any means necessary. If you do this, Bernie will win big.

If you want Bernie to win by a landslide, you can do one more thing. You can recruit some or all of your list of 10 to do just what you have done, by creating their own 10-person team who they will mobilize and insure turn out to the polls. Getting a team together given the many ways that we can reach folks should take less than a day and getting them to vote just a few hours. If every person who joins a team also becomes a team leader of their own team of folks who will also become team leaders, we will harness the power of exponential growth and successfully mobilize all of California youth.

We have seven days, people. Starting with just one person taking this on, 10 to the 7th or 10 million young people can be mobilized to vote. If all of you who read this pitch take on this challenge, then Bernie will achieve a YOOGE victory, the super delegates will flip, and the nomination will be his. And then according to all the polls, Bernie will beat Donald Trump in a landslide. And it will be you young people that we have to thank.


Join this Facebook event, and get your friends to join as well. Let's prove to the world that young people are not slackers, that yes indeed, you can change the world.

Andy Hsia-Coron