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Chris Matthews Nails It

Tom Degan: Let's face some serious facts here, boys and girls: The right wing in this country has always been (since the days of the Confederacy and before) a tad crazy -- not to mention dumber than doggy doo doo. What is happening to them now is beyond anything in their long and entertainingly weird history. In effect they've totally lost it.

"He [President Obama] is going to destroy this country, and we're either going to stop him or the United States of America is going to cease to exist." -Alan Keyes

obama sucks

By the way, over a decade ago, Keyes had a nightly program on MSNBC. Are you ready for the punchline? It was called, "Alan Keyes Is Making Sense." I'm not kidding you.

Just in case you happened to miss Hardball last week on MSNBC, Chris Matthews' special report, The Rise of the New Right , was one of those rare (these days) moments of essential viewing that we would be wise not to ignore. It will probably be repeated several times in the next few weeks and I urge you to keep your eye out for it. Seriously, if Matthews doesn't get an Emmy for this program there is no justice in this world.

The program is the most comprehensive look yet (at least on non-public television) at the crack-up the Conservative movement in this country is now going through. Let's face some serious facts here, boys and girls: The right wing in this country has always been (since the days of the Confederacy and before) a tad crazy -- not to mention dumber than doggy doo doo. What is happening to them now is beyond anything in their long and entertainingly weird history. In effect they've totally lost it. Here's a quaint little soundbite from last night's program that illustrates perfectly what I'm talking about. The words were uttered by some pathetic, bat shit-crazy woman at last year's "March on Washington":

"We are losing our country. We think the Muslims are moving in and taking over. We do not believe our president is a Christian - and he let us believe that. The president is a liar. God bless Joe Wilson."

Isn't that sweet? We can only assume she was not referring to the same "Joe Wilson" who is married to Valerie Plame, but that's just a hunch on my part.

Once upon a time people this - "ill informed" shall we say? - were to be found mostly on the fringes of the American political scene. Not even in the days of old Joe McCarthy did it get this strange - not on such a national level anyway. Back in the good ol' days, the type of behavior we are witnessing today was pretty much restricted to KKK rallies in the deep south and the editorial offices of the Wall Street Journal. A half a century ago political extremism hadn't yet gone mainstream. It has now. In fact it's ready for prime time! For this we can all thank the nice people at FOX Noise.

It was Rupert Murdoch's "News Group" that promoted this movement from their inception. Murdoch himself has denied this accusation over and over again, but the videotapes are there - and video doesn't lie - unless, of course, it's a taped replay of a typical Sean Hannity program. The Plutocracy, with FOX as its propaganda arm, has brilliantly managed to convince a huge segment of the American public - a lot of whom could barely be qualified as middle class - that the problem with this country is all those damned, bleeding heart Liberals. The question needs to be put to them: "Where were you assholes when George W. Bush was driving this nation into the economic ditch?"

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"We need to defeat these bastards. Wee need to wipe them out." -Rush Limbaugh

Ah, yes! The language of inferred violence! It's out there, folks. They're not reporting it on FOX but it's out there. One person, a Tea Party candidate named Sharron Angle who is running for Harry Reid's seat, actually said that the Nevada senator should be "taken out". This hideous personage then went on to say that what is direly needed was a "Second Amendment solution". You know what she's talkin' about, don'cha? Sure ya do! It's the same type of solution implemented by John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald when they took on the policies of two noted politicians with which they disagreed. It's the same "solution" Sirhan Sirhan used when he murdered Robert Francis Kennedy 42 years ago this month. It is the exact "solution" carried out by (let's be fair to the ultra-Conservatives) Arthur Bremer in 1972 when he attempted to assassinate right-wing icon and uber-racist George Wallace.

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This is the new political atmosphere of the United States. I fear that it is only a matter of time before the ultimate act of violence is carried out. I pray to God that I am wrong, but I don't think I am; in fact I am certain of it.

"I have a message - a message from the Tea Party that is loud and clear and does not mince words: We have come to take our government back." - Rand Paul

"Take our government back"? From whom??? Is he referring to the same people who were duly elected via legal democratic processes? Is he implying that the administration of Barack Obama is somehow not legitimate? Of course he is! Most of these jackasses refuse to believe that the president is an American citizen in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. What we are dealing with here is a political movement made up of people whose senses have decided to take a permanent vacation.

Reality Check:
Anyone who denies that the core of the Tea Party's rage is the fact that our president is an African American is kidding themselves. The evidence is too stark to ignore: This is a white supremest movement, kiddies. To be sure, at any Tea Party gathering there can always be seen on the peripherals of the crowd a pathetic, token Uncle Tom or two, chomping the hell out of some unfortunate watermelon. And while it would be unfair to categorically state that every member of the Tea Party is a racist, this is essentially a White Nationalist movement we're dealing with here. Let's stop kidding ourselves. By the way, Malcolm X had the perfect description of the Alan Keyeses of this world: "House Niggers". The man really had a way with words, didn't he? You gotta love him!

Here's the good news: When the Republicans stupidly embraced the Tea Party last year, they effectively kissed a viper smack dab on the lips. It is my belief that this nutty movement of freaks and malcontents will end up doing that party more harm than good. Last January on this site, I predicted that Harry Reid was a goner on Election Day next. That was before the Nevada GOP cheerfully nominated the Tea Party's newest sweetheart Sharon Angle to run against him - she of the "Second Amendment solution" fame. This extremism run-amok is starting to frighten the hell out of the segment of the electorate who identify themselves as "moderate". Without the support of the moderates, the "party of Abraham Lincoln" is screwed. Remember you read it here.

You know, I was just thinking: We sure do live in interesting times.We really do!

Tom Degan


Here is a link to where you can watch The Rise of the New Right in all its nasty entirety on the Hardball website.

Otherwise keep an eye out for it in your TV listings. They will be airing it again. It is absolutely essential viewing. Seriously.

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