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It will be the greatest show on earth, and just might win the state of Ohio and a second term for President Obama. On Thursday the staggeringly popular former president, who is known as the Comeback Kid, will appear in Ohio to talk about the great American economic comeback, alongside Bruce Springsteen, the iconic voice of “Born in the USA,” who can talk about the great surge of Made in the USA jobs that have come back because President Obama saved the American auto industry that did so much for Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and many other states.


The Clinton-Springsteen ticket, in support of the Obama-Biden ticket, will live one of those magic moments that make American politics, at its best, so great. If you live within a thousand miles of Ohio, don't miss it, and if you live in Ohio, I am jealous that this moment will be at a place near you.

Bill Clinton is the Babe Ruth of American politics, the natural, and the only former president so fondly remembered by a big majority of voters as having led America to the last great surge of economic prosperity in modern American history. Again, I have urged that President Obama collaborate with President Clinton in going to Congress after the election to translate the current American comeback under Obama into the next great surge of decade-long prosperity that could well come with a second Obama term.

Who better than the Comeback Kid to talk about the current economic comeback with the jobless rate at a multi-year low, jobless claims at a multi-year low, foreclosures at a multi-year low, Made in America auto sales and auto jobs at a multi-year high, consumer confidence on the march again, the Dow Jones near an all-time high and 401(k) plans at a multi-year high?

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Who better than the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, who I have cited in columns before, to talk about what he has written about and sung about so brilliantly: the economic patriotism that is the core of Americanism in our land of hope and dreams, the land where we take care of our own, the land of no surrender, the land where we are proud to be Born in the USA and grateful for the Made in the USA jobs that have come back with the powerful revival of the auto industry on Obama's watch, because of Obama's leadership?

Paul Ryan says Mitt Romney is a "car man"! Bill Clinton says, sure, Romney is a car man, if you count the elevator to carry Romney's Cadillacs up to the top floor of his mansion!

The visit of the Clinton-Springsteen ticket to the Buckeye State, in support of the Obama-Biden ticket that has turned the crash that was created under Bush into the American comeback that has begun under Obama, could be the campaign-trail event of the year that tells the real story of why President Obama should be reelected to a second term.

Brent Budowsky

Brent Budowsky
The Hill

Posted: Tuesday, 16 October 2012