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Come on, Kentucky Democratic Party.


Cut poor Matt Bevin some slack with your online petition against cockfighting and the GOP gubernatorial hopeful.

Bevin came out for legalized cockfighting when he ran for the senate against Mitch McConnell in last year's Republican primary. McConnell clobbered him.

Bevin is challenging Democratic Attorney Gen. Jack Conway for governor this year.

But “the East Coast con-man,” Team Mitch’s nickname for the ex-New Englander Bevin, hasn’t thus far endorsed those two other blood-soaked Kentucky frontier favorites: goose pulling and gouging.

Anyway, Bevin, a tea party hero, has a history of hobnobbing with folks on the fringes.

On the senate campaign trail, he boasted about buddy-buddying with a Bluegrass State branch of the John Birch Society, the group that said fluoridated drinking water was a covert communist scheme, that President Eisenhower was a Red or a Red dupe and that the civil rights movement was another secret commie plot to establish "a Negro Soviet Republic in the United States."

Anyway, the KDP bigwigs are pretty sure most Kentuckians agree that cockfighting is a “barbaric sport.”

Doubtless, the Dems would ditto goose pulling and gouging. Bevin apparently hasn’t nailed pro-goose pulling or pro-gouging planks into his platform.

In a goose pull, you grease the head of a live goose, tie its feet and suspend the fowl on a rope, head down, from a pole. A guy on horseback rides by fast and tries to wrench the bird’s head off.

Gouging is using your thumb to pop out an enemy’s eyeball in a no-holds-barred fight.

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In early Kentucky, many devotees of cockfights and goose pullings also enjoyed spectating when guys trying to gouge one another. Fans and fighters were often liquor-fueled.

Okay, multiple choice question time:

Who said, “Matt Bevin’s cockfighting episode will go down in history as one of the most disqualifying moments in Kentucky political history. Twenty years from now, we will all remember the time when the East Coast con-man thought so little of Kentuckians that he pathologically lied to us about absolutely everything until an undercover camera caught him red-handed at a cockfighting rally”?

A. Jack Conway

B. State Rep. Sannie Overly, Conway's running mate

C. Allison Moore, a spokesperson for the 2014 McConnell for senate campaign

If you answered “C” go to the head of the class.

For the record, a Louisville WAVE TV newshound caught Bevin on videotape speaking at a pro-cockfighting rally.

One of the rally big shots asked Bevin, point-blank, "Will you vote to support the effort to legalize gamecock fighting in the state of Kentucky?"

Bevin replied, “I support the people of Kentucky exercising their right, because it is our right to decide what it is that we want to do, and not the federal government's. Criminalizing behavior, if it's part of the heritage of this state, is in my opinion a bad idea. A bad idea. I will not support it.”

Away from the rally, Bevin told the WAVE reporter he didn’t know the Corbin conclave was a pro-cockfighting rally. He said he was anti-cockfighting and pro-free speech.

Berry Craig

Berry Craig