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Colin Powell Pulls No Punches

Yesterday Barack Obama spoke at a rally in St. Louis, Missouri attracting 100,000 people. Awesome!


And this morning on Meet the Press, Colin Powell gave an eloquent empassioned declaration of support for Barack Obama. Powell's message is unequivocal. We must do all we can do to get out the vote. Dick and I are spending the day registering voters at Venice Beach. Please remind anyone you know who has not registered to vote that Oct 20 is the deadline.

In my article, "Six Degress - Looking for Leaders Who Will Lead" , I expressed disappointment in Colin Powell's avoidance of taking a stand for or against the policies of either candidate. But on Sunday morning Colin Powell pulled no punches. In his interview on Meet the Press, the former Secretary of State said he found that McCain was unsure of how to deal with the economic problems we are having in this country. Powell also felt that the selection of Governor Palin as McCain's VP was a mistake. See the full interview below.

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