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4 Good Tips for Democrats This Week: Of Empty Chairs and Invisible People

No one’s talking about Clint Eastwood and the “chair” this week. But I think there’s more to be said, and I hope the Democrats pick up on the theme at their Convention this week.

Here are some tips I am passing on to them to use as creatively as possible. (By the way, Clint, Obama really WAS in that chair, wearing his Superhero cloak of invisibility and laughing his head off.)

How a chair (and other invisible props) can boost ratings and poll numbers for Obama:

  • Stephen Colbert interviews invisible Romney, asking him to explain his varying positions on women’s right to choose, health care, social security and other social issues from when he was Governor. Of course, you’d need two chairs for that, one on each side of the stage, and you’d probably need an invisible traffic cop to keep the two invisible Romneys from attacking each other.
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  • Obama can interview a copy of the Romney health care plan propped up in a chair, while an invisible page turner points to the pertinent topics where the two plans are identical.
  • A whole line up of Massachusetts women, senior citizens, moms with babies and workers can stand up very visibly on stage and thank Romney for his health care plan and give brief anecdotes on how it helped them in their times of need. Not nearly so witty as the empty chair routine maybe, but I hear Convention crowds go wild for real people.
  • Invisible Paul Ryan can dodge and weave an invisible Todd Akin as he tells people his own plan for limiting abortion and protecting Medicare. Real senior citizens can pelt him with mock vouchers from the wings.

Not exactly as they say on Wait,Wait Don’t Tell Me, and you won’t win Carl Kassel’s voice on your answering machine, but if any of these things happen at the Democratic Convention, we’ll be in for a rip roaring good show and four more years of a Democratic presidency.

dotty lemieux

Dotty Lemieux

Posted: Tuesday, 4 September 2012