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Let's begin with an obvious statement: The last three years in politics haven't been a good time for progressives in the USA. We're living through one of the most right-wing, regressive Presidencies in living memory, beset with scandals, allegations of criminality, and almost-daily expressions of views and policy ideas which would have been unthinkable during the Obama years. There are some among us who often thought Obama didn't go far enough during his years in office. For many of us, George W. Bush seemed to have been sent to torment us. If given a chance right now, we'd all accept Bush back in a heartbeat if it saved us from what we're enduring now.

Democrats Need to Gamble

America cannot afford another four years of Trump. The damage to the civil rights movement would be unimaginable. America’s image abroad - already severely tarnished - would plumb new depths. Perhaps worst of all, some of his worst ideas might become a reality. He was elected on the platform of repealing Obamacare and building a wall. Only through his own ineptitude has he failed in these ambitions. Given fresh impetus and more time, he might succeed. That’s why it’s never been more important that the next Democratic nominee is someone who can beat him, and beat him convincingly.

For that to happen, the Democrats - and the people with the power to choose their candidate - have to gamble.

No Safe Bets

'Gamble' is a dirty word to those who don't understand the habit, and high-stakes gambling even more so. If you've never placed a bet, you might struggle to understand why anyone would prefer to play mobile slots than a game like roulette, where you can place a wager on a simple 50/50 outcome. The reason is simple - with mobile slots UK, you'll get a bigger reward if you win. You might have a better chance of success with a 50/50 bet than a stake placed on mobile slots, but your return on that bet will be relatively small compared to a higher-stakes bet. There is, however, no such thing as a safe bet. The Democrats tried to 'play it safe' last time around (Hilary Clinton, for all her failings, was seen as a safe bet), and lost. This time, the stakes are higher. The mobile slots strategy might be high-risk, high-reward, but the risks are already high, and we’ve never needed a high reward more.

This time, according to all the bookmakers, Joe Biden is seen as a safe bet. The reasoning is largely the same as it was with Clinton - and it’s worryingly likely that he’d also lose for the same reasons.

This time, according to all the bookmakers, Joe Biden is seen as a safe bet. The reasoning is largely the same as it was with Clinton - and it’s worryingly likely that he’d also lose for the same reasons.

No Country for Old Men

With Biden, as with Clinton, Biden is connected to a previous President. He may not have been married to Barack Obama, but he was a huge part of the Obama administration. We know how Trump supporters feel about the Obama administration, and we know how he’ll be reported on, attacked and represented by the Republican-supporting press. Worse than that, we also know his sometimes-questionable behavior around women will be reported, too.

Although they’re politically worlds apart, Biden has too much in common with Trump. He’s an old white man who appears to have some outdated beliefs, and nothing in common with America’s young. It was the young who weren’t motivated to vote for Hilary Clinton - partially because they believed she’d elbowed Bernie Sanders out of the way - and it’s the young who need to be brought back on board to stop Trump winning a second term. Biden isn’t the man to do it.

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As much as we’d love him to be, nor is Sanders. Sanders’ age was already an issue last time around. This time, he’d be 78. That isn’t an age at which anybody should be taking on a role as demanding and draining as President of the United States of America. Biden is 76, and the same applies to him. Elizabeth Warren might not be yet another white man, but she’s 70. If the best possible candidates to lead America are all white people who should, by rights, be retired, then we have far bigger problems as a nation than another four years of Donald Trump. We need someone who is the antithesis of Donald Trump. We need someone younger, more progressive, and more representative of America’s diverse heritage.

The only viable candidate that leaves is Kamala Harris.

Democrats Need To Gamble

It Has to Be Harris

There will be some people reading this who don't want to accept that Harris is the best option. To those people, it's Sanders or nothing, and there's nothing we can say to change that. That's OK; people are entitled to their opinion, and despite the best efforts of the GOP over the past four years, this is still a democracy. However, Harris' appeal isn't just the fact that she's younger, less white, and female - she also has a track record that demonstrates she's up for the job. She was the first woman ever to become California's attorney general. She's only the second African-American senator in US history. She's been beating the odds and upsetting the status quo all her political life.

Despite the fact that she's been upsetting the status quo, she's sometimes portrayed as wanting to maintain it. That largely stems from her connections to rich and upper-class people. In an election like the one that's looming that isn't a weakness; it's a strength. Her links to the wealthy mean that she can't be portrayed as a communist, or anti-business. Many of the weapons which are usually thrown at Democratic candidates would be useless against her. At the same time, her social policies are those which we should all be able to get on board with; taxing the rich to provide tax breaks for the poor, single-payer healthcare, reproductive rights for women, stronger environmental protection, and gun control. Harris might not be a Sanders-style radical, but she's a progressive. Not only that, she's a winner.

Kamala Harris might be a bigger gamble than Joe Biden, but she’s the one that offers the greatest return.

James Green