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Donald Trump has found wide appeal in GOP primary elections to achieve his goal of being president of the United States. He has been amazing in dealing with the media. In fact, thanks to the media, his election campaign has been, from a financial viewpoint, a bargain. Media whipped itself into a frenzy and decided that every time The Donald opened his mouth - or wiggled his thumbs - it was “newsworthy.”

Donald Trump Deal

The Deal Personified—Carl Matthes

Such a deal!

Therefore, It does not come as a surprise that the man known for making deals has been able to out-talk and brilliantly outmaneuver all the other wannabes fighting for the GOP nomination. He has mowed-down the competition and he may yet achieve the world’s brightest jewel for his crown: Presidency of the United States. As is his way, there is also no doubt but that he will see himself not as President of the United States, but as “Donald Trump, The President.” Everything starts from the top, the fountainhead - and flows downward; first things first! I only can assume that the White House will be branded a “Donald Trump Trophy Property.”

Great Trump perks from this deal.

He began building the foundation of his 2016 GOP campaign by staying with the message that President Obama was not born in this country. Mr. Birther! Building on the racist overtones of that message, he easily corralled the most fearful and, easily, the most hateful elements of the GOP conservative right.

The Devil got the best of that deal!

He doubled-down on his racist appeal by trumpeting his ambition to build what has become his infamous Mexican-financed border wall; 40, 50 even possibly 60 feet high. Watch out Great Wall of China, here comes the The Great Wall of Trump. And Donald’s wall is growing bigger than anything since Jack planted his magic beans. Is that Donald the Giant humming?:

I smell the blood of a Mexican,
Be he alive, or be he dead,
I'll grind his bones to make my bread.”

Oh, by the way, left out of making this financial deal was the Mexican government.

Tripling-down on his racist outreach, he pronounced that - as President - he will clamp down on all kinds and types of Muslims. American Muslims will be watched and their activities monitored. Muslims, perhaps, would even be rounded-up. All Muslims, worldwide, are to be feared and the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, “Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free...” would be ignored. Many Muslims living near or around the Middle-east would be bombed. While ISIS and home-grown terrorists are real, we cannot combat them by changing the fundamentals of our country.

Terrorism wins this deal.

Donald Trump would "have the guts" to drop an atom bomb according to Bobby Knight, former coach of the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team who recently endorsed him for president.

Maybe even atom bombed? Donald Trump would "have the guts" to drop an atom bomb according to Bobby Knight, former coach of the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team who recently endorsed him for president.

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Coach Knight compared Trump to Harry Truman, who authorized the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945, ending World War II. That sound you hear is President Truman turning in his grave!

No one wins that deal

Quadrupling-down is Trump’s derision and marginalizing of women. He has already put on display his beautiful wife, a former world-class model, who, he no doubt thinks, would become the envy of world leaders as his “Arm Candy First Lady.” He even tweeted out comparisons of his wife to Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi. Mrs. Cruz was never a professional model. And, let’s not forget that Carly Fiorino, Cruz’s vice-presidential choice, was bullied on camera earlier this year when Trump cried out, “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!” And Trump has a memory like the GOP elephant: Rosie O’Donnell is still being used as a punch line in his jokes.

So, here’s the deal: Women are to be judged by how they look.

Trump has already started on Hillary. "I think the only card she has is the women's card," he said in New York. "She has got nothing else going.” I wonder where Donald has been the last 30 years? He calls Bill Clinton a predator. Imagine, a GOP presidential candidate now in his third marriage. Thanks to The Donald, the GOP definition of the sanctity of marriage is finished. Donald is a marriage-predator.

Obviously, the GOP’s marriage-sanctity deal was never made in heaven.

Many LGBT media outlets have chronicled that, “Candidate Trump has been a consistent opponent of marriage equality. When asked on Fox News if he might appoint justices to overrule the decision on same-sex marriage, Trump said, ‘I would strongly consider that, yes.’” We’re not yet the brunt of new jokes and he’s not yet announced fence-building around LGBT neighborhoods. While we are still free to get married and serve in the Armed Forces, what kind of deals would he make in appointing Supreme Court Justices and with Congress?

Worse deals have been made by our politicians.

What has impressed me these last eight years, is that the promise of America - being the land of opportunity - has been extended to many more Americans. If you work hard and pursue your dreams, there is the possibility that you can succeed. That is one of the results of Barack Obama’s election as President. Imagine how that promise can now be extended to more than half of the country’s population with the election of a woman as President.

What a great deal.

So, here’s the next deal. We can choose hope and inclusion by destroying the glass ceiling that has kept too many women in a subservient social position. A qualified, experienced woman as President, would go far towards achieving that goal. Or, we can support a billionaire businessman, with no public service record, who is running a campaign based on bullying, racism and sexism and who is promising to return to the good old days, i.e. “Make American Great Again.”


America, it’s getting time for The Big Deal. Which curtain do you choose?

Carl Matthes