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Trump Is Above the Law

Donald Trump is, in my view, a sick man. I see his moral bankruptcy as a manifestation of his malignant narcissism, a condition that defines propriety, morality and rectitude strictly and solely as whatever serves the self. Because of this mental myopia, his bullying, blunderbuss behavior means “norms,” traditions once understood as inviolable, are trashed, and “guardrails,” protections once clearly understood and respected, are ruthlessly tossed aside.

As a result of his clumsiness, ruthlessness and self-absorption, Trump’s presidency has set the American people adrift in a sea of illness, confusion and self-doubt.

As a result of his clumsiness, ruthlessness and self-absorption, Trump’s presidency has set the American people adrift in a sea of illness, confusion and self-doubt. Faced with racial tension, pandemic, economic collapse at home, dismay and increasing distrust abroad, faltering alliances and an impending climate crisis, Trump has caused Americans, in the throes of increasing anxiety, to turn on one another and divide, largely into two camps.

One camp is comprised of most of the “1%”; many single-issue religious zealots; those who see, hear or speak no evil because he promotes their agenda; and frustrated, put-upon whites who long for yesterday, fear tomorrow and, sprinkled with a number of true crackpots, make up the Trump cult.

The other camp is comprised of everyone else: those who couldn’t believe he’d actually get elected and still can’t; those who hate what has happened to our country and fear his re-election will mean its end but don’t know what to do; those who oppose his every act but feel helpless because they believe he and his allies will do anything, including a coup, to keep him in place; and others who, seeing opportunity in the chaos, intend to seize the moment and make this country what was promised them.

What is clear to all is that Trump loves being president, loves being the top dog, and wants to stay there. The reason for that is mostly obvious: being Number One fits nicely with his carefully cultured, psychotically bloated self-image. Less clear is the darker part of his makeup, the hidden, haunting fear, the terror that lurks in knowing that if stripped of the Presidential trappings, citizen Donald Trump, Individual One, could be exposed as a “loser”. Or worse.

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That nagging fear was easily brushed aside at the dawning of the year as he planned to coast easily to victory in November. But given the arrival of Covid-19 his trajectory is now more than a bit less assured. Polls show continuing public anxiety about Covid and Trump’s initial bungling of it. His current pretense that it’s over in the face of contrary evidence is softening some of his heretofore impenetrable support.

Today, given his capacity for self-promotion, we know the lengths he’ll go in order to make “Sleepy Joe” an also-ran. We know he’ll lie, cheat and steal to ensure victory, and we know as well that those who have much to lose if he’s beaten, the Barrs of this world, will help him.

Some think he’ll stack the deck, outlaw voting by mail, close strategic polls, call out the troops, challenge, challenge, challenge every vote, and declare the process “rigged.” Others believe he’ll simply cancel the election, declare martial law and stay in power.

But what if the dissenters and the disbelievers join hands? What if those who have been overlooked and stepped on and insulted decide they’ve had enough? What if the forgotten stand up and make themselves heard? What if they do and awareness builds that the end of Trump’s time is within reach?

A sick man controlled by a compulsion that will not accept failure cannot allow himself to lose. To be seen as a loser by the people of America, of the world, would be ruinous. To be forced to deal with the further public humiliation of facing charges and possibly being imprisoned would be tantamount to self-destruction.

If it could penetrate his psychic fortress, if it were to finally become clear to Donald Trump that he cannot prevail in November, I believe he would take his basketball and go home. In exchange for the promise of a pardon for any and all actions for which he could conceivably be charged, he would resign and make Mike Pence the President of the United States.

Pence, knowing he owns the evangelicals and believing he’d inspire hope in conservatives and bring back the Never-Trumpers, would realize a life-long dream. And The Donald would be able to go on posing, preening and preaching to his faithful flock from his perch atop the Trump Media Empire.

mike farrell

Mike Farrell