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With the use of Tabloid Twitter, Donald goes after everyone. He Twitters and cable jumps. Journalism at its 140-character best. If The Donald could burp and belch in Morse Code, too much of the media would seize that as red meat.

Election Soap Opera

2016 Election Soap Opera—Carl Matthes

Each hour a panting media - tongue hanging out - presents the next moment in an ongoing soap opera.

And he quickly tweaks his twitter. Mr. Accessibility 24/7. Armed with a phone, and quick thumbs, the Donald has created 2016’s most potent weapon. Now, “Journalistic scrutiny” means searching for anything the Donald has contrived and broadcasting it unquestioned and raw.

Armed with a phone, and quick thumbs, the Donald has created 2016’s most potent weapon. Now, “Journalistic scrutiny” means searching for anything the Donald has contrived and broadcasting it unquestioned and raw.

If anyone is foolish enough to respond, the Donald uses his standard prepared statement: “That is the most stupid, dishonest and lazy person in the world. He’s failed at everything he’s ever done.” The media swoons, “Never before has a presidential candidate ever said that. Will he get away with it? Stay tuned.”

Coming in a close second as media-pulp has to be his stump performance. Reality TV at its best. Never thoughtful, and with less depth than a kiddies' wading pool, Donald’s stream of consciousness becomes his speech. His audience demands nothing more than tabloid headlines.

Thousands of people swarm the Trump venues hoping to get a view of their star. Outside, protesters abound, some with Mexican flags; a perfect red flag for Trump. Inside, Trump handles protesters as he would a mathematical equation: 50 protesters equals 100 more committed Trump voters. With that kind of math, who has the money to organize these protests?

Who would be surprised if he planned a prime time television program where he actually does what he’s said, i.e., "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters"? Neilsen ratings would be off the charts! I can hear his die-hard supporters now, “Over here, Donald, shoot me!”

Donald cut his teeth on reality TV. Who else has created celebrity with two words, “You’re fired”? Refining his skills with cues from the Kardashian School of Celebrity, Donald rants against China because he had some disagreeable Chinese food. Had a nice vodka martini? Putin is his best friend. Remembering his own sexual escapades? Bill becomes the worst sexual predator in history.

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He always has the next news cycle in sight.

While he rambles in a seemingly disconnected way, the words are strung to support his core message: “I am the only one who can fix everything.” And, answering questions from others to make an outrageous personal charge? The Donald must have a special fund to support those who ask the questions: Mr. Innocence says, “I didn’t bring it up, I just answered a question.”

Donald can sell anything to anybody. Take for instance his present spouse, Melania. She has daily conversations with him. She’s on top of everything, freely giving her opinion. The camera loves her! Donald’s woman card. Where are the raised conservative eyebrows over her being born and raised in Communist Yugoslavia? Her father, Viktor Knavs, was a member of the Slovenian Communist Party. Imagine a Communist sleeping in the White House! Further, Trump's first wife was born in Communist Czechoslovakia. His second wife, who described their sex life as "the best I ever had," was born in America.

If this was a Democratic candidate, FOX News and every conservative would be apoplectic! He can truly sell ice cubes to Eskimos!

Donald the Deal Maker. I think Mexico is already making out that check.

But Donald says the old GOP coalition has to step aside because he has brought in “millions of new voters.” It’s true. He knows his voters and they know his birther creds. He's championing the much maligned and powerless white man. They’ve been losing power since 1948 when President Truman embraced desegregation and Strom Thurmond marched out of the convention and formed the Dixiecrats.

And what lit the fuse to upset these “new voters”? After 43 white presidents, a black man was elected. Imagine, being outsmarted - twice!

Now Donald wants to star in a new reality show. The storyline? Donald’s wife - an international beauty - is someone everyone wants to see. When she dresses up, she’s a knock-out, especially when she wears all those diamonds he got for her - for free - in a great deal. When he’s president, and has her on his arm - and speaking with that foreign accent - every man, world leaders included - will be flirting with her.


Imagine, cliff-hanging story lines spread over eight years: “President of the United States: The Soap Opera.”

Carl Matthes