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Lopez Obrador

Lopez Obrador

The political column in “Desfiladero-The Cliff” in today's La Jornada, Mexico's premier progressive national newspaper, is revealing and highly educational because it points to a big media manipulation of the electoral process in Mexico.

For months now, the seven major private polling companies, all linked to big business and major media networks, have placed Enrique Pena Nieto of the PRI way on top of the conservative PAN candidate Josefina Vazquez Mota and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the candidate of the PRD-PT-AP left coalition.

However, independent polling agencies, meaning those not tied to big business, using other polling methodologies, place Lopez Obrador overwhelmingly over the Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola candidates, specifically when they poll the universe of the 30 million independent voters in the country. Once again, when the 30 million independent voting block is polled with a different method a different result enters the scene.

To the chagrin of the conservative right in Mexico and the US, surprisingly, the independent pollsters also utilized the results from three, "other" major media networks which include UNIVISION, Milenio and UNO Noticias. With 80% of all public opinion, all three placed Lopez Obrador way above Enrique and Josefina and astonishingly, these three polls immediately disappeared from the radar. Son of a gun, today April 14, at 11:05 AM I am proud of UNIVISION National.

Since a month ago I had seen indications of this but I had dismissed them. I find this information absolutely fascinating because I am an avid reader of five to 10 newspapers a day plus other online venues, and to a large degree I had also been influenced by the polls emanating from Mexico and repeated uncritically in the English and Spanish mainstream Media in the US.

However, I entered Mexico a month and a half ago on business and gradually I began to concentrate my neurons on Mexican analysis and bingo, qualitatively, the panorama changed. So my wonderful friends, if you read Spanish, get into this article by Jaime Aviles, a daily columnist of La Jornada’s editorial pages.

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Additionally, let me inform you that a new book, “Para Analizar y Demostrar el Fraude Electoral 2006 (To Demonstrate and Analyze the 2006 Electoral Fraud)” by Dr. Jorge Alberto Lopez Gallardo, has just been published by the University of Texas at El Paso, which details the cyber inner workings of the 2006 Electoral fraud, in which Lopez Obrador was robbed of the presidency of Mexico.

The author, a Mexican/Latino professor at UTEP, is one of several cyber scientists throughout the world who immediately, we’re talking about hours after the invented provisional published results of Mexico’s Federal Electoral Commission were published, examined them and deemed them “impossible real authentic results.” Accordingly, in real life, It would take more than 1 ½ million daily elections, including voting on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays, in order to reach one time, the similar results, which in 2006 placed the extreme right wing and war-making Calderon in power.

And just to make the point unabashedly clear, the company which was given the $11 million contract to develop the computer program, which counted the national centralized vote, belonged to Hildebrando Zavala, Calderon’s brother-in-law. A copy of the paid check to Hildebrando was recently published in Julio Scherer Garcia’s recent muckraking book, “Calderon a Cuerpo Entero-Calderon Without Clothes,” my translation.

An additional and extraordinary set of details reveal that the installed head of IFE, the Federal Electoral Institute of Mexico, Luis Carlos Ugalde, who presided over that whole electoral process, was never a neutral party. In fact, he was a close ally of La Maestra, Elba Esther Gordillo, the president of the two-million strong but corrupt teachers union in the country and he was appointed by President Vicente Fox at her behest.

Also, in another masterful move, La Maestra reached an unprecedented business deal with then candidate Calderon in exchange for the use of the well-proven electoral fraud machine composed of tens of thousands of teachers on behalf of Calderon. Moreover, two American political consultants were brought in from the United States to advise the campaign. And moreover, big business and the controlling media monopoly, terrorized over the probability of Lopez Obrador being elect and cancelling all their juicy profit-making privileges, waged an all-out illegal and morally corrupt campaign to stop the “red menace.”

And finally, as in the US in the year 2000 Bush-Gore electoral brawl over the counting of the votes in the Southern state of Florida, the state where the right wing Cuban old guard just made the Venezuelan Manager of the Marlin’s Baseball Team kneel, the US Supreme Court, dominated by the right, ruled in favor of the Republicans and installed George W. Bush in the presidency, in Mexico, the Supreme Tribunal refused to count all the votes in the election. The fate of the Lopez Obrador petition to count ballot by ballot was sealed when days before the election, then outgoing president Vicente Fox had breakfast with the court’s presiding judge.

Almost six years have passed since that portentous 2006 electoral exercise took place and today we are exactly 56 days away from July 1st, the next presidential election. Will the country continue on the same path that has impoverished the country to the tune of 92 million Mexicans and a war that has killed more than 50 thousand people and thousands more disappeared and created a climate of fear and social insecurity or will the close to eighty million voters vote for a change and once more elect Lopez Obrador. ZAZ

javier rodriguez

Javier Rodriguez