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Elizabeth Warren would be the conscience of the United States Senate

elizabeth warren

Besides the election for president, in my humble opinion the Massachusetts Senate race is by far the most important election in the nation, and may well be the most important Senate election in a generation.

If Elizabeth Warren is elected on Tuesday, our national politics and the interests of voters in Massachusetts will be lifted by the most powerful, authentic, and courageous voice for fairness and integrity that Washington has witnessed in many years.

If Elizabeth Warren is defeated by an opponent who has attacked her heritage and even her intellect with ads paid for by bailed-out bankers abusing millions of people on their credit cards and mortgages and bank fees it would be an epic disaster for women, workers, consumers, seniors and the poor.

Scott Brown is not a bad man, but he is an owned man. He is owned by the Republican Party, including radical right Senators who would become chairs of powerful committees if Brown and enough Republicans are elected for Republicans to control the Senate. He is owned as well by the most corrupt speculators, operators, hustlers and bankers who support Brown because they hate and loathe and despise the fact that Elizabeth Warren would fight for you -- and me -- from them.

Not all bankers and financiers are corrupt, some are better than others, but some embody the worst of America and those who are the worst fear and hate Elizabeth Warren and fund and back Scott Brown.

One can tell much about character in the heat of a close campaign. Scott Brown, who knows better, in desperation, has resorted to dishonest and despicable personal attacks against Elizabeth Warren. By contrast, Elizabeth Warren has conducted herself with dignity and honor -- and the harder the campaign has become the more dignity and honor Elizabeth Warren has shown.

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Elizabeth Warren fights for women, workers, consumers, veterans, military families, seniors, young people, and it is no exaggeration to say she fights for truth, justice and the truly American way -- with a fierce courage and a fierce integrity and an uncompromising honor and passion for people that is rare and precious in a political system so surrounded by dirty money and political hacks.

Elizabeth Warren makes me proud to be an American.

Elizabeth Warren makes me proud to be a Democrat.

Elizabeth Warren makes me prouder than any candidate I have ever supported in since this once-young man supported a gentleman named Robert Francis Kennedy.

Brent Budowsky

I have seen many Senators come and go and I have no doubt that if elected Elizabeth Warren would be the conscience of the Senate because speaks for best in you--- and me---and Massachusetts---and America.

Brent J. Budowsky
The Hill

Posted: Sunday, 4 November 2012