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A Utah Republican’s White House Letter for Trump to Face Reality

Warner Woodruff: It’s time for you to see the light and walk away from the carnage you gave us.
Face Reality

Here is a recent letter I submitted to the Trump White House demanding he “stand down,” as he told his Poor Boys and other anti-Americans to do.

Mr. Trump:

I’m a former Republican from conservative Utah who’s abandoned what’s left of what used to be the GOP, but is now soaking in the swamp of the Trump Cult. You trashed the value of having two strong political parties, and like millions of people, I’m never going back to the Mafia controlled by Trump, McConnell, and other evil doers.

While you seek to tear down the Constitution, reject the will of the people, and waste millions of our money making false allegations about your massive loss, the country is moving forward. No amount of illegal machinations will reverse the course of history. Crazy discussions about a Trump Coup, states seceding from the country, or crazy Mike Flynn’s call for martial law will ever achieve your corrupt goals.

While you ignore the will of patriotic Americans over the Christmas holidays by hiding at your Florida resort and wasting the people’s money cheating at golf and tweeting numerous lies, our nation is struggling with your mismanaged economy. You’ve caused joblessness, house evictions, food shortages, and more suffering from the pandemic you ignored and the 333,000 deaths of people whose blood is on your hands.

It’s time for you to see the light and walk away from the carnage you gave us.

I’m one of the multi-million U.S. majority who didn’t vote for you, the incompetent Republican candidate in the presidential election. Instead, we overwhelmingly supported the great leadership of the declared President-Elect, Joe Biden. We also voted for the brilliant Kamala Harris as vice president--you know, the skilled attorney who will lead the legal efforts to put you in prison for your four years of criminalizing the federal government. Your predatory sexual aggressions toward all women are no match for her. You called her “nasty,” the “meanest” and “most horrible” person, as well as “communist.” So ugly. So cruel. So stupid on your part, but normal for when you are afraid.

Looking back, political analysts see that you made many mistakes in your wildly ineffective campaign. For example, you called President-elect Biden “Sleepy Joe,” unaware that he has more energy and health in his little finger than you’ve had in your whole body for decades. He runs and bikes. You can barely hold a glass of water or try to drink it. Nor can you stumble down a ramp without an elderly general holding you up.

Your inability to speak clearly or accurately was a key factor in your gigantic loss, clear evidence you’ve lost it mentally. Yes, I have a Ph.D. in psychology, and you’re similar to the kind of patient we studied who needs to be institutionalized. Beyond your 22,000 documented lies, I remember watching you on television and reading tweets like these: “Covfefe,” confusing 9/11 with 7 Eleven, mixing up your ability to discuss simple concepts such as “herd immunity” with “herd mentality,” ad infinitum.

Of course, the classic thing you did was try to justify your lack of deterioration by boasting of your “passing performance, apparently without realizing it doesn’t measure IQ but is for checking early signs of dementia. It was a close call that you could recognize words like “man, woman, person, camera, TV.” 

I’m writing to tell you to face reality and admit Joe Biden beat you fair and square. You need to “Man up!” Get some courage! Look truth in the eye and admit you failed terribly. We patriotic voters are up 6 million votes over your weak little election attempt that failed. While you went crazy jetting across the country before Nov. 3, looking for your Republican “sheep” and spreading the dangerous “Trump Virus” (COVID-19) on crowds, Joe and Kamala were wisely focused on using brains and well-designed strategies to take you down. It worked magnificently. The Dems received 81 million legally certified votes (51.4%) versus your paltry 74 million (a mere 46.9%).

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So you need to open your eyes, having failed in some 50-plus silly attempts to overturn the nation’s votes. I know it’s hard after six long decades of ignorance, but it’s time to see reality. You lost. You’re a confirmed loser. Everybody knows it now. After four miserable years of pain you inflicted on America, it’s time to concede. You don’t want our patriotic military to march in the front doors of the White House and haul you out kicking and screaming while the TV cameras roll. Millions of patriots would like to see that, but you’ve embarrassed yourself so much over the past years of disgrace, it would only make things worse. Oh, I mean your last 60 years of failure.

I wrote to you various times in the last year asking you to step up and begin to offer real leadership of our nation, as well as to act against the COVID-19 crisis. But neither you, your staffers, nor co-conspirators had the courtesy or time to respond to us little citizens. We don’t know where you were, except golfing as a daily escape mechanism. That is, unless you were too busy bowing and scraping to your overlords--Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham, Dobbs, Pirro, Doocy, Cavuto, etc.

Your AWOL response to COVID-19 has inflicted over 10 months of what we now call “America’s Trump Hell” in denying the awful realities about the pandemic’s severity. You accelerated the failures of Mike Pence's ineffective White House Task Force by tying the hands of experts, forcing even Pence to rarely wear a face mask, and spouting as many lies as possible each day. This led hundreds of your staff and White House “friends” to become seriously ill or die.

Here’s a summary, as I recall, but I’m sure more were not reported:

  • Herman Cain; HUD Secretary Ben Carson;
  • NJ Gov. Chris Christie;
  • your kids & their spouses (or mistresses in the case of screamer, Kimberly Guilfoyle);
  • dozens of Senators & House Reps;
  • a large number of your White House staffers such that the place is mostly now empty; y
  • our favorite Nazi Stephen Miller;
  • campaign advisor, your chief of staff Mark Meadows;
  • Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee;
  • failed campaign advisor Corey Lewandowski;
  • press secretary and designated liar Kayleigh McEnany plus two of her “deputies;”
  • Bill Stepien, your failed and incompetent 2020 campaign manager;
  • Melania Trump (occasional wife, but always angry and resentful);
  • campaigner who won you the 2016 election in spite of your massive incompetence, Kellyanne Conway;
  • Richard Walters, Republican National Committee chief of staff; Crede Bailey, head of White House security;
  • Katie Miller, VP Mike Pence's press secretary;
  • your economist Tomas Philipson, who was also acting chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers;
  • a Marine assigned to Marine Helicopter One to take you for occasional spins at taxpayer expense;
  • your occasional girlfriend and staffer Hope Hicks;
  • your Special Assistant and body guard, Nick Luna;
  • David Bossie who was your head attorney fighting election realities as you lost all 60 attempts;
  • National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien;
  • your personal valet who’s a Navy member;
  • employees who tested positive requiring the closure of the White House cafeteria and eatery;
  • over 130 Secret Service members who took care of you while you made them sick (your definition of a “good deal”), R
  • udy Giuliani the most incompetent presidential “attorney” in U.S. history;
  • and many thousands of regular people who attended your dangerous Super Spreader rallies that you organized, apparently intending to wipe out as many voters as possible.

However, it looks like your plan backfired because you lost badly. Of course, the greatest contradiction of your administration is that the Coronavirus doesn’t make people sick, until you became severely ill yourself. But in your case we Americans rescued you with a large team of MDs, luxurious nights in the gold-plated Walter Reed Military Hospital for which we covered all your bill for travel, meds, tests, and follow-up because you’re such a terrible businessman, an error you made that cost us well over $100,000!

Every educated American, every high schooler, many kindergarteners, every scientist, every MD knows that until assertive action is taken, people will keep suffering and dying. But you still haven’t yet woken up and realized you needed to do more than occasionally sponsor public service announcements “encouraging” people to mask up and be socially distant.

After ten disastrous months of failed leadership, you’ve still not issued a national emergency to officially shut things down. You know, like the rational strategies of many states and countries around the globe that have used smart safety protocols and protected citizens.

Sadly, maddeningly you continue to cave in to Right-Wingers and ignorant GOP voters that have given us many miserable years of people’s suffering. Why? Why no courage to do and keep doing the right thing? Why no ethics for saving lives? Why no guts?

My patriotic friends and I will pray more than ever that someone in the upper echelon of our once great nation will prevail and help you and Pence see the truth and accept reality now. We need the Trump carnage to stop. Please, at least do it for the children. And for their mothers. Perhaps even for the fathers. Maybe even for our older, more vulnerable U.S. citizens. Is it too much to ask?

Once again, we demand that you “stand down!” Thankfully, you’re on the way out and we have Joe Biden to the rescue! He and Kamala Harris have developed a coherent pandemic plan in weeks, something you clearly didn’t know how to do in over a year. They also are rolling out the economic strategy: “Build Back Better.” Now we demand their transition plans to go forward.


It’s time for you to see the light and walk away from the carnage you gave us. We demand the change Democrats will deliver, a rational strategy to save America and move our beloved county forward for “We the people!”

Warner Woodworth, Ph.D.