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First Lady Speech

After her genuine, moving and powerful speech at the Democratic National Convention, I propose that Michelle Obama is the first lady of the nation, the first mom of her loving family, a bonus military mom for every man and woman who serves our country, and one strong heir to the Ronald Reagan title of Great Communicator.

During the Republican convention, I wrote that Ann Romney, like Michelle Obama a wonderful woman who does great good for her man and her family, hit a home run. At the Democratic convention, the First Lady hit a grand slam for a nation searching for the wisest road to a better future and a party seeking the confidence of a nation that has lost faith in the politics of our times.

The First Lady spoke with a sincerity and substance that was picture-perfect for America today. She painted a portrait of a loving and devoted family. She sang a song about the spirit of a nation in which the dream must remain alive for everyone, always. She composed a symphony that weaved together the high purpose of her husband the President, a real-life description of the middle-class lives so many Americans lead and the real-time agenda of a Democratic president asking voters to grant him another term to finish his work.

A great speech should be lyrical and poetic about people, about ideas, about our country, about who we are and where we are going — individually and as a diverse people of a melting-pot nation. The first lady did this — and more — on Tuesday night.

As she spoke I thought of Ronald Reagan speaking — and communicating — and uniting this elegiac portrait of who we are with an action-based agenda about what we can achieve.

In her own way, Ann Romney did the same thing. I believe a grateful nation would rise with joy if Barack and Mitt would sound more like Michelle and Ann and less like David and Karl! Contrary to what most political consultants (and media executives) think:

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We are not a nation of stupid people, haters, insider spinmeisters or scandal watchers. The United States of America in 2012 is a nation of good and decent men and women, serious and thoughtful citizens and patriots, who are worried about the future of our country and the security of our lives.

This is true: Michelle Obama (like Ann Romney) is one great mom. Michelle Obama (like Ann Romney) is one great partner in a wonderful and loving family. But this, too, is true:

From the moment of his inaugural, President Obama was opposed by far too many of his Republican opponents with derision and scorn, with ridicule and contempt, with obstruction and demonization, with lies and defamations ranging from questioning his Christianity to challenging his American birth.

On Tuesday night First Lady Michelle Obama, with grace and style, with passion and substance, with charm and compassion, with faith and with facts, told a true and powerful tale of the man she loves, the President who leads, the family she adores, the party she brought to its feet and the dreams we share in the land that belongs to us all.

Brent Budowsky

It was a speech that shows the way to leaders who aspire to lift the people. It was a speech that will be long remembered, lifting a dismal campaign most voters would like to forget.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill

Posted: Wednesday, 5 September 2012