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Glenn Beck on Woolsey, Harman and Winograd

Glenn Beck weighs in on the congressional race in California against Marcy Winograd and Jane Harman
Jane Harman and Marcy Winograd

Jane Harman, Marcy Winograd

Check out the YouTube of Glen Beck's nationwide broadcast, lamenting the take-over of progressives, "a virus" inside both the Democratic and Republican parties. During the rant, he reads a good portion of a disapproving letter the California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus officers wrote to Lynn Woolsey, Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. It can be seen at about 3:05 into the video.

The letter references the race between "scandal-ridden conservative Jane Harman and progressive Marcy Winograd" - as well as Progressive Democrats of America . You've got to catch this act ...

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Meanwhile, Marcy Winograd invites you to sign up to volunteer at The campaign is walking precincts, collecting signatures for ballot-qualification, and chasing the jets out of Santa Monica Airport.

Come on board & make Beck mad!

Onward to Victory!