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gloria and herman cain

Gloria and Herman Cain

Look, I don’t like to bash women, but at the same time, I’m not likely to be president of the Gloria Cain fan club any time soon. Let’s run through what we do know about Mrs. Herman Cain, which might lend itself to figuring out what she’s gonna do with these latest allegations. Is she gonna channel Hillary, and stand by her man, or is she gonna do a Jenny Sanford, and tell the schmuck he’s on his own, file for divorce and leave him to his shenanigans – in this case, an Atlanta, instead of Argentinian, mistress?

Okay, can we agree that stalkers are not cute and cuddly? Can we also agree that a guy who shows up repeatedly in random places to haunt a woman for a year is a full-blown stalker? Can we agree that a woman who gives in to a year-long stalker and dates him might have a screw or two loose? Herman Cain stalked his wife, Gloria Cain, for a year; she wasn’t interested and told him so. He wouldn’t leave her alone, but when most women would be filing for restraining orders, she was dating and then marrying the dude. Strike one for Gloria Cain’s good judgment.

She has been married to this schmuck for 43 years, and she’s been mighty quiet on the campaign trail. Rumor has it that she didn’t want him to run for president in the first place – and we may now know why. Cain, clearly, has some personality disorder involving narcissism and feelings that he’s above the rules that apply to average mortals – but maybe his wife doesn’t. Maybe she’s the adult in the room and maybe she knew, realistically, that all this sewage that she knew or suspected over four decades would rise to the top once he stepped out there.

Did she know about the alleged 13-year affair, texts and calls at all hours of the day and night, a private cell phone? Maybe, maybe not. Was this one of those wink-wink deals, where as long as he didn’t publicly embarrass her she was cool? Maybe, maybe not. Her silence, her failure to jump on the “good wife” podium and clasp his hand, look at him with shining eyes and sing his praises, resonates.

cain train wreck

Did Mrs. Cain know about Herman’s benevolence in helping Ginger White with cash for rent and bills? Lots of couples keep their money separate – and in this “old school” household, I could imagine Cain telling his wife not to worry her pretty head about things like bank accounts and stocks. Or mistresses stashed in Atlanta.

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In an interview on Fox with Greta van Susteren, Mrs. Cain was pretty tepid in claiming that Cain would be a good president. She was pretty tepid, also, in denying the accusations against Cain – referring to Bialek, she said, “Now that one I totally don’t believe.” One could infer, from that comment, that the others could possibly be more believable. And besides, doesn’t this make Mrs. Cain something of a snob, refusing to believe a woman – without knowing her – simply based on physical appearance and personal history? Does her “old school” marriage include believing every last word – regardless of how ludicrous – that emerges from her spouse’s mouth? Has Mrs. Cain spent 43 years trying to convince herself to trust a person who’s largely untrustworthy?

Mrs. Cain seemed determined to portray a Herman Cain that is respectful of women, protective of women, and sincere. However, on the heels of the allegations of sexual harassment, Cain made two glib comments smacking of disrespect to women: Calling Nancy Pelosi “Princess Nancy” and making a joke about Anita Hill.And in fact, Cain’s own anecdote about his first date with Gloria Cain – inviting her out to eat when he had no money – does more to demonstrate arrogance, entitlement and deception than it does to demonstrate sincerity, honesty and respect.

julie driscoll

Mrs. Cain seems to be trying to foist a sexist jerk on the American public, trying to convince us of something that we can identify, without her observations, as untrue. Strike two for Mrs. Cain’s credibility factor.

In my mind, Gloria Cain’s “respectful, old school” husband has put her in the unenviable position of having to swallow her pride and publicly defend him, or maintain her stony silence and let the world speculate.

Before this is over, Mrs. Cain may wish she’d taken out that restraining order instead of accepting the date.

Julie Driscoll

Politics Anonymous