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PSYCHOLOGICAL PROJECTION or projection bias: A psychological defense or political mechanism in which a person or as in this case, the GOP faithful denies his or her own insanity, attributes, thoughts and emotions, that are then ascribed to the Democrats or primarily to the current President of the United States of America. Aka = LIES, technically labeled as prevarications. Example: Rush Limbaugh; Re the three day, radio and TV attack on the bright and courageous Sandra Fluke:

ryan budget

LIMBAUGH: "I don't expect -- and I know you don't either -- morality and intellectual honesty from the left. They've demonstrated over and over a willingness to say or do anything to advance their agenda. It's what they do. It's what we fight against every day." (Continued) "Against my own instincts, against my own knowledge, against everything I know to be right and wrong, I descended to their level when I used those two words to describe Sandra Fluke."

ALEC IN WONDERLAND: (American Legislative Exchange Council) The ALEC GROUP is closely tied to GROVER NORQUIST: ATR (Americans for Tax Reform) "NO NEW TAXES," especially for the wealthy 1%. Norquist (the most powerful unelected American) claims he wrote the phrase NO NEW TAXES when he was 12 and we can assume he never grew up. The powerful No Tax guy is infamous for holding a pledge (against the Constitution) from almost all the Republican House Members and most of the Republican Senators of "No New Taxes." Norquist has insisted in the past, he "Wants to shrink government down to the size that it can be drowned in a bathtub" along with his rubber ducky.

  • ALEC claims they are not a lobbyist firm or a front group. Their primary purpose is forming state legislation (laws to benefit corporations and right wing Republicans) behind closed doors, so the wealthy 1% will have to pay little or no taxes. The twenty three Republican Governors, all hooked on Koch Brothers, in lock-step with the Voter ID's new VOTER SUPRESSION laws created by ALEC. ALEC changed a few words for each of the GOP new laws. It's estimated the new unconstitutional laws would eliminate over 5 million mostly Democratic voters.
  • ALEC, re a nation affecting development, worked closely with the NRA to create the now notorious STAND YOUR GROUND law. Enacted by Gov. Jeb Bush in 2005, 17 States followed suit and now 25 States have similar laws. That Florida law appears to be Zimmerman's defense in the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin.

FALSE EQUIVALENCY (See PSYCHOLOGICAL PROJECTION & LIMBAUGH): "Jobs, Jobs Jobs," is a prime example of false equivalency: The GOP had been screaming for jobs since the 2010 election and in all their time running the House majority, have not introduced 1 (one) real job bill. The Fila-busting Republicans have practiced their number one (1) goal. Just say "NO"and DON'T ALLOW or ADMIT to any success for President Obama or the Democrat. All the GOP has to do is LIE and the Corporate Media will support their False Equivalency.

FILIBUSTERING WITHOUT FILIBUSTERING: In order to stop the Senate Democratic majority regarding an appointment request by President Obama, it takes only one Republican Senator to stop a Presidential appointment. To stop a bill, just the spoken threat of a filibuster without filibustering can kill a bill.

WAR ON WOMEN: (See LIMBAUGH) GOP Trans-Vaginal (the GOP politicians thought Trans-vaginal was an International Bank Company) Ultra Sound Probe & Abortion Viewing Mandate - Gov. Tom Corbett, PA - "Just close your eyes." THE PILL: GOP men scream; Religious Liberty? Catholic Bishops report to Rome and American women of the same or different or no religion are not given a choice.

THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING: After all, the earth is only five or six thousand years old. For GOP Non-scientific Creation should be taught equally with today's Science. How's that for advanced education?

NO NEED FOR EDUCATION: Home schooling is their answer. All schooling as well as advanced education needs to be privatized. Government has no business in education. (Pepper Spray is considered to be a vegetable by the GOP)


GETTING FRANK LUNTZIZED: The one word wordsmith, Frank Luntz, started his GOP (pronounced GOOP) rise to wordsmithdom with a single word. "Death." Luntz applied the 'Death' word to "Inheritance Tax." That tax only benefited .01% of Americans. Luntz taught the GOP to frame every issue into a wedge issue.

COMMON GROUND: The word "compromise" has been deleted from the Frank Luntz Dictionary of "GOP TALKING POINTS." "My way or the highway" or their compromise phrase is "Common Ground."

PAUL RYAN'S REVISED BUDGET PLAN: Will add $4 trillion over 10 years to the national deficit, by taking $4.3 trillion from Social Security, Medicare, and other social programs and shredding the safety net. (those trillions go to the wealthy and the large corporations.)

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GOP CONGRESS: The best Obstructionists that money can buy. "JUST SAY NO" "NO MORE BIRTH CONTROL" (See all the above and below)

GOP HYPER HYPOCRISY: Also known as the GOP HYPPOCRATIC OATH: "Thou shalt do known harm to the President and the Democrat."

CITIZENS-UNITED: The creature of the GOP Supreme Court.

THE GOP U.S. SUPREME COURT: Also known as Robert's Rules of Odor or Robert's Rules of Disorder.

GOP BIRTH CONTROL: WOW! Did the GOP mess up with this one! "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

GOP VOTER FRAUD: Robo-calls, Caging, False Registration, Voter Intimidation, Destroying Democratic Registration Forms, FOX NEWS, Media misrepresentation, Hacking GOP owned and operated proprietary voting machines and programs, Fixing voter counts, Corrupt GOP VOTING OFFICIALS, (ad infinitum)

GOP CREATORS OF HATE, FEAR AND GREED: The only jobs that have been created by the GOP are the overseas/off-shore jobs. Those jobs that mean greater profit to their protected CEO's who pay little if any taxes.

GOP FUNDED TEA PARTY: A Dick Armey started the Tea Party, with great financial help from the toxic Koch Brothers. The number of Tepees has dwindled mostly to GOP members of the U.S. Congress and a small army of Armey.

GOP OVERREACH: (See all of above!)

Jerry Drucker

The reader can supply the hundreds more of GOP CRAZY MAKERS that weren't listed.

Thank God for the wise and courageous voters of Wisconsin for showing the rest of us how to save our nation. Also great thanks to the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the 99%. Let's continue revolting peacefully.

Jerry Drucker

Valley Dems United newsletter, edited by Margy Murray.